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Another Reminder For Me That Life is Short

I want to preface this blog post and start off by repeating the old sage advice, “Life is too short.” It’s nothing new…we have all heard it before. But, there are sometimes things that happen to us in life that cause us to really feel the weight of these words. And I recently had something …

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The Perfect Day Game Plan For Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur? If so, then I feel your struggle with having a busy schedule you have to juggle. Especially if you also have kids as I do.  It’s not an easy task to give the time and energy to every area of your life that needs and deserves it. That’s why I want …

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challenges in business

4 Ways to Get Through Challenges in Business

I’ve been an entrepreneur for a long time and what I find is that you’ll constantly be going through challenges in business. It kind of ebbs and flows. At times, things are really great, and other times you have to deal with a lot of issues. Sometimes, the challenges you deal with are from outside …

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personal development workplace

5 Ways to Inject Personal Development Into Your Company

If you own a business, are in charge of a team, or have a role of leadership in your company, then injecting personal development into the workplace is important. I believe that leaders should invest in their team because it helps them become stronger individuals and have a more fulfilling life.  Another benefit to offering …

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mastermind group

The Role of Masterminds in Your Personal Development Journey

I believe that masterminds are an important part of personal development. The reason mastermind group coaching is so powerful is that they provide you with support and accountability. Not only are there other people who spur you on…but you have the chance to invest in others.  What Are Masterminds? A mastermind group can take many …

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