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writing a book

My New Adventure of Learning How to Write a Book

Last week, I started on a new adventure! Like with any adventure, it comes with its share of excitement and unknowns that make the road ahead seems a little scary.  What’s the adventure, you ask? I started writing a book! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but it’s only been recently that I’ve felt …

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self education

5 Ways to Maximize Your Self-Education

I’m a huge fan of self-education! In fact, I think everyone benefits from investing in themselves and their ongoing education…beyond traditional school. This is particularly true with leaders and entrepreneurs. To really grow on a personal and professional level, in my opinion, you always want to be in growth mode and expand your skillsets with …

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personal development blogs

15 Personal Development Blogs You Might Not Know About

My goal with Morning Upgrade is to inspire others to start a morning routine and focus on their personal development. This is really important to me and something that I work on every day. Whether it is related to my learning, health, or mindset, I’m always looking for ways to improve myself.  I want to …

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must-read self-help books

15 Must-Read Books for Business and Personal Growth

Self-education, self-improvement, and self-development are critical — learning should never stop. The most successful people make time every day to learn new things, personally and professionally. Try to form a habit to consume content every day: Going for a walk? Listen to an audiobook or podcast. Driving somewhere? Listen to an audiobook or podcast. Have …

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what is a mastermind group

Why I Joined a Mastermind and 10 Reasons Why You Should Too

Over the last 2 years, I’ve belonged to the Iron Sharpens Iron mastermind. I think mastermind groups are super important for both business and personal development…so much so that I decided to write this article to share my thoughts with you in hopes you’ll consider finding and joining a mastermind that’s right for you. First off, …

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