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Cultivate an Abundance Mindset

50 Ways to Cultivate an Abundance Mindset

Our thoughts shape our experiences. Thinking with an “abundance mindset” isn’t just about getting wealthy. It’s about feeling love, finding opportunities, and building great relationships. Let’s explore how you can bring this positive way of thinking into your life. First – What is Abundance? What we tell ourselves inside affects what we see outside. When …

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The Science Behind Mindset and How to Improve Yours

If you’ve watched any sport in the Olympics, all participants are peak performance athletes … the best of the best. But then why does one person receive first place, and one receives tenth place? A strong mindset is usually the differentiator. It’s a major factor contributing to the success in competition and in most areas …

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The Science and Benefits of Kindness

Did you know that by simply being kind to someone, you are increasing your quality of life? Plus, it gets better! You not only increase the quality but also the quantity of your life. There is a lot of science that works behind the scenes for those who are kind and spread kindness. Learn the …

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The Benefits of Setting Your Intentions For The Day

This blog will be a bit shorter of a post than I normally write, but I wanted to share a concept real quick that I’ve been incorporating into my morning routieg in hopes it ignites interest in you. I think you should consider making it part of your routine if you agree because I believe …

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How to Get 1% Better Every Day

I’ve read several books like The Compound Effect and The Slight Edge that talk about making small steady improvements for yourself. They recommend that you take small actions daily that are doable. It’s a mindset strategy that I’m really committed to because I relate more with the idea of taking small steps…essentially getting 1% better …

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My Personal Experience With Meditation

As much as I am dedicated to meditating each day, I realized I don’t have much content on Morning Upgrade about it…except for this blog about the benefits of meditation first thing in the morning. There are so many ways to do meditation, but I’m just going to share my personal experience with how I …

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Another Reminder For Me That Life is Short

I want to preface this blog post and start off by repeating the old sage advice, “Life is short.” It’s nothing new…we have all heard it before. But, there are sometimes things that happen to us in life that cause us to really feel the weight of these words. And I recently had something happen …

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