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7 Ways to Use Journaling For Your Personal Development

Do you journal? I’m not really talking about the “Dear Diary” type of journaling. But, more in relation to journaling for personal development. The basic idea behind this is to get all your thoughts out with pen and paper.  Journaling can take many different forms that I’ll talk about in this article. I personally like …

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resilient growth mindset

9 Ways to Develop a Resilient Growth Mindset

Most people naturally know that going to the gym, running, or working out will have physical benefits. But, not many people understand the benefits of working out your mind. While it’s a lot more popular to hear about mindset than 30 years ago, still…a lot of people don’t know what it means to develop a …

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overcome resistance to change

Becoming Aware Of The Big “R” Word

Do you know about the big “R” word? Resistance You’ve likely experienced resistance many times, even if you are not aware of it. I first heard about it from Darren Hardy. My goal in this post is to make you aware of what resistance is and how it tends to manifest in your life so …

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choose happiness

Why You Have to Choose Happiness and 8 Ways to Help You Get There

Are you chasing happiness? What I mean by that, is are you always looking to the next thing to make you happy? You might think that landing that new job, getting a new car, or attaining a certain goal is going to bring you happiness…and it might, but only for a short time.  By always …

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The Ripple Effect of Helping and Inspiring Others

The Miracle Morning is where it all started…my morning routine, that is. A few years ago, I hit a brick wall in my business and needed to make a change. I heard about the Miracle Morning and decided to try it out. Little did I know that my life would forever change and I’d become …

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The Science Behind Daily Affirmations and How to Choose Them

Working on my mindset is one of the pillars of my morning routine…meaning, I do a few things each day that helps me get in the right frame of mind to be happy, fulfilled and successful. Repeating and reading specific affirmations is one of the things I do to help develop a stronger mindset by …

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