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11 Personal Growth Mindset Shifts For 2022

New year, new you! Right? Now that we are into 2022, I want to encourage you to introduce new mindset shifts that might help you grow in life and business this year. Think of this article as a punch list of mindset shifts you should consider adopting.  1. The Compound Effect and The Slight Edge …

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10 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

I’ve been in a funk lately…it happens from time to time. Since I’m in a funk and in the process of getting myself out of it, I thought it might be a good time to write about the things I do when I’m feeling this way, and how I work on trying to get out …

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Don’t Run From Conflict and Obstacles

I’ve always been intrigued by how people handle challenges, conflicts, and obstacles. Some people are wired to thrive in confrontation, but most people aren’t that way…and I’m in that camp. My personality tends to be non-confrontational, and I’ve spent a good part of my life trying to avoid conflict and uncomfortable situations. “Don’t run from …

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resilient growth mindset

9 Ways to Develop a Resilient Growth Mindset

Most people naturally know that going to the gym, running, or working out will have physical benefits. But, not many people understand the benefits of working out your mind. While it’s a lot more popular to hear about mindset than 30 years ago, still…a lot of people don’t know what it means to develop a …

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overcome resistance to change

Becoming Aware Of The Big “R” Word

Do you know about the big “R” word? Resistance You’ve likely experienced resistance many times, even if you are not aware of it. I first heard about it from Darren Hardy. My goal in this post is to make you aware of what resistance is and how it tends to manifest in your life so …

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The Ripple Effect of Helping and Inspiring Others

The Miracle Morning is where it all started…my morning routine, that is. A few years ago, I hit a brick wall in my business and needed to make a change. I heard about the Miracle Morning and decided to try it out. Little did I know that my life would forever change and I’d become …

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