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The Entrepreneurial Adventure Of Starting a New Business

My family’s business, Ballantine, has been around since 1966! We started out as a printing company. Over the past 5+ decades, we’ve added a full suite of other services from mailing to creative to digital marketing services to help expand the business. Most recently, Ballantine decided to branch out into a completely different industry–roofing services. …

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How To Become The Hero of Your Own Life

I recently listened to an amazing interview Ed Mylett had with Robin Sharma. Robin is a mega author who wrote, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.” He wrote this book in story form and it was easy to understand…I actually read it to my three daughters as well.  Most recently, Robin wrote a book titled …

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Using Personal Development To Conquer Your Inner Demons

I’m going to get really vulnerable and personal in this post. Recently I interviewed someone on the Morning Upgrade Podcast and asked why they think so many people are into personal development. His theory is that a lot of people get into personal development either because of their desire for personal achievement or they are …

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Why You Need a Purpose Statement and How to Create One

I’m a big fan of joining mastermind groups. It’s definitely one of my top three personal development strategies. I think it helps both with growing your business and with personal development. Over the years, I’ve been a part of several different groups. And in October 2021, I joined a new group called the Legendary Life …

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Why I Wrote a Personal Development Book

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to write a book…but the problem was I didn’t know what to write about. Nothing popped into my head as a subject I thought I could really speak to with passion, or that would create impact. But, when I started The Morning Upgrade blog and …

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Morning Routine Spotlight of Guests 51-60

On the Morning Upgrade Podcast, I talk with different entrepreneurs about their business, personal development, and their morning routines. I like to create a round-up of the various morning routines that my guests use so you can see the many different ways you can start your day.  Here is a morning routine round-up of podcast …

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Morning Routine Spotlight of Guests 41-50

If you haven’t checked out the Morning Upgrade Podcast, I hope you will! I invite entrepreneurs on to have casual conversations about their personal development, their businesses, and their morning routines. As a reminder of their interview, I like to go back and do a round-up of everyone’s morning routine so you can see the many …

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