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Are you chasing happiness? What I mean by that, is are you always looking to the next thing to make you happy? You might think that landing that new job, getting a new car, or attaining a certain goal is going to bring you happiness…and it might, but only for a short time. 

By always chasing happiness, you miss out on so much of what life has to offer. And, tomorrow may never come, so waiting isn’t a good option. That’s why I believe that happiness is a choice that you have to make every day. 

I Was Chasing Happiness For a Long Time

Btw, this was me for most of my life. I was always looking for the next thing to make me happy. It wasn’t until I started going down the road of personal development that my mindset changed on this. Also, it helped a lot when I joined a mastermind and was surrounded with other people that took control of their happiness. In this article, I want to share with you the things I do to help me make the right choice as much as possible.

Why Being Happy is a Choice

Things are going to happen from day to day that will steal your joy if you let it. I’m not talking about tragic losses that you should stop and take time to mourn…I’m thinking about the stuff that happens in a day that we let bother us and stress us out. You have to accept that there will be ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have happiness in the midst of it. 

If you let your circumstance, other people, your inabilities, or anything control your emotions, then you’ll never experience true happiness. You’ll always be waiting for someone or something to make you happy. It’s your responsibility to control your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. 

Here is a look at what I aim to do everyday. 

1. Practice Gratitude

It doesn’t take but a few minutes to write down things you are thankful for. When you focus on the things that you are thankful for, you are actually rewiring your brain. Studies have shown that gratitude practice can actually reduce stress and help you deal with your current circumstances. 

Every morning, I practice gratitude using the 3×5 Life cards. There is a space on the front that I can write down whatever comes to mind. 

2. Be Productive and Meet Goals 

Setting goals gives you something to work towards and when you complete something, it gives you a mental boost. To help me stay on track for my long-term goals, I have a goal sheet. I look over it every morning to remind me of where I’m trying to get. 

When you accomplish something you set out to do, it’s really important to celebrate your wins. Your wins don’t necessarily have to be big. Maybe you look back over the week and you’ve checked off the top priorities for the week. Take time to acknowledge what you’ve accomplished and recognize that. This will go a long way in cultivating happiness. 

3. Speak Daily Affirmations  

Affirmations are truths that you speak to yourself. I find affirmations to speak every morning as part of my morning routine. Speaking kind words to yourself boosts your self-esteem and makes you more positive.

Check out Kim at Miss Mental for 10 Affirmations you can add to your routine.

4. Be Present In The Moment  

It’s important to take time to acknowledge what you have around you (what you have in your life and what you are grateful for). I take time during the day to stop and look around at the life I have. Sometimes, those moments are full of stress. But I can still be thankful for those times, because it makes me appreciate the times of peace even more. 

You have to have stressful moments so you can feel the happy moments and know what they are. Just like there is light and dark or cold and hot, you have to have both to understand the other. 

5. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Easier said than done…I know. But comparing yourself to others will only lead to unhappiness. There will always be someone that has something you want or more than you. Even if you had as much money as Warren Buffet, there is someone else that has more (Jeff Bezos).

If you are going to compare yourself, compare yourself to the person you want to become. This will give you a goal of something to work towards that will have a positive ending. But, if you’re trying to be someone else, you’ll only be dissatisfied. 

6. Don’t Consume Negativity

Whether it is news or people, don’t fill your mind with negativity. I know it is hard with so many people posting their opinions online, but it’s ok to hide those updates. Or, stay off social media altogether and give yourself a break. 

If there is someone in your life that is negative, do what you can to minimize your interactions. And, if you can’t because you work with them or have no choice, focus on positive things as much as possible. 

7. Make Exercise a Priority and Eat Well

When you are in good health, it’s much easier to face life. Exercise releases endorphins, which gives you an extra boost. Avoid eating junk food, because it actually brings you down. Instead, focus on eating raw, whole foods. 

8. Meditation

Train your mind through daily meditation. Spend a few minutes every day in a quiet place and focus on your breath. When thoughts start coming into your mind, push them out and refocus. This is important because it can actually help you control your reactions to stressful moments. It’s hard to choose happiness when you are succumbing to stress and spiraling.

For more ways to find happiness, check out what Audreyanna says in her post on The Key to Happiness

I hope that you will decide you want to be happy and create habits that will help you make the right choice every day. Starting off the day with a morning routine can keep your mood from getting hi-jacked before you get going. Sign-up here and I’ll send you a morning routine printable. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Your emotions are your responsibility 
  • Happiness is a choice
  • Take actions every day to help you choose to be happy
  • Strengthen your mind
  • Do what’s necessary to boost your health
  • Focus on the positives
  • Be thankful 

2 thoughts on “Why You Have to Choose Happiness and 8 Ways to Help You Get There”

  1. Some strong tips here. And I agree chasing happiness wouldn’t have the desired effect because you’d solely focused on it.
    Chase the whole rather than the parts. Like happiness is a part of self improvement. When you’re fixed on the later, all the parts gain your attention.
    Wonderful post.


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