page title icon Podcast Spotlight: Morning Routines with Guests 11 – 20

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On the Morning Upgrade Podcast, I have casual conversations with entrepreneurs about personal development, their businesses, and their morning routines. Here is a morning routine round-up of podcast guests from episode 11 to 20. 

11. Lance Golinghorst

lance golinghorst

Lance told me about his morning routine on podcast episode 11. Lance shoots to get up around 5 am every morning to start his day. He likes to do his Bible study and then do a little reading. He will also do some workouts with his kettlebell if he has the time. 

12. Dr. Jeremy Sharp

Dr. Jeremy Sharp

Jeremy spoke about his morning routine on podcast episode 12. Jeremy loves to run and spends time running five days a week. He throws his contacts in, drinks a little bit of water, and heads out the door. He is also big on cold showers after a run to cool down. For breakfast, he has the same smoothie to reduce the number of decisions he has to make each morning.

13. Monica Ricci

Monica Ricci

Monica talked with me about her morning routine on podcast episode 13. She believes that your morning routine is vital. Her morning routine consists of drinking water, training, taking her supplements, and then getting in some reading. 

14. Aaron Walker

Aaron Walker

Aaron told us about his morning routine on podcast episode 14. He loves rising early and gets up between 4 am and 5 am every morning. He spends 1 to 2 hours in prayer, meditation, and praying for the people that he coaches. He also reads the Bible and memorizes verses.  

15. Paul Maskill

Paul Maskill

Paul spoke to us about his morning routine on podcast episode 15. He said his morning routine actually starts the night before by going to bed around 8:30 so that he can get well-rested. Paul starts off his day at 4 am by journaling, going to the gym, and grabbing a shower. 

16. Amanda Harvey

Amanda Harvey

Amanda shared her morning routine on podcast episode 16. Amanda loves to take long walks while thinking about positive affirmations and using breathing techniques. As part of her morning routine, she also loves to journal and listen to inspirational things on youtube. 

17. Ludovic Vuillier

Ludovic Vuillier

Ludovic spoke to us about his morning routine on podcast episode 17. He gets up early and starts out the day by taking care of his birds. After that, he starts 2 minutes of focus breathing exercises to calm his mind. Then he spends time exercising followed by a shower and breakfast.

18. Jasmine Rice

jasmine Rice

Jasmine told us about her morning routine on podcast episode 18. She likes to have flexibility with her routine but does her best to work out each day. She follows that up with a shower and getting dressed. Also, she likes to stay on top of drinking enough water to stay hydrated. Before she gets rolling on the day, she updates her calendar.

19. Mike Pietrzak

Mike Pietrzak

Mike shared his morning routine with me on podcast episode 19. His day starts out with drinking lemon juice in water to help his liver and digestion. Then he does some light exercises followed by 10 minutes of meditation. 

20. Audreyanna Garrett

Audreyanna Garrett

Audreyanna shared her morning routine with us on podcast episode 20. She is an early riser and shoots to get up around 6 am. The first thing she does is reads her devotional and focuses on getting in quiet time to clear her mind.

I hope you find this roundup of podcast guests enjoyable to listen to. Be sure to check out my morning routine for more inspiration. Sign-up for my newsletter here and I’ll send you a pdf copy of my routine and a worksheet you can fill out to help you with your own. 

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