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On the Morning Upgrade Podcast, I have casual conversations with entrepreneurs about personal development, their businesses, and their morning routines. I like to go back and do a round-up of everyone’s morning routine so you can see the many different ways you can start your day.

Here is a morning routine round-up of podcast guests from episodes 31 to 40. 

31. Todd Palmer

Todd Palmer, the CEO of Extraordinary Advisors, spoke with Morning Upgrade Podcast episode 31. His morning routine is spent in a couple of different ways. He chooses someone to express gratitude for, hits the gym early for a workout, and listens to a podcast. 

32. Matt Kleinrock

Matt Kleinrock spoke with Morning Upgrade about his morning routine on episode 32 of the podcast. He loves family time, reading, and playing golf. He has a strict schedule to work out early in the morning. Family is very important to him, so getting up around 5 a.m. to work out leaves him time to come back and spend time with his one-year-old daughter. He then spends a few minutes time mapping his day for optimum success.

33. Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith gives us some information about how he starts his day with a morning routine on episode 33 of the podcast. He takes a few minutes every day to accomplish each task. Some of the things that Aaron likes to do in his morning routine include taking time for gratitude practice, working out, and saying “I am” statements.

34. Jason Montoya

Jason Montoya gave an insight into his routine to be more successful on episode 34 of the podcast. Self-development and creativity are a big part of his life. Though he struggles to stick with a strict morning routine, he still does some things to prepare his mind. 

One of the significant things is to set a schedule the night before. Each morning, Jason spends about an hour with his kids to give his wife a break. He writes, journals, or reads to set an intentional margin for his life during this time. 

35. Arianna Zabriskie

Arianna Zabriskie is an associate marriage family therapist. She is a strong believer in having a strong morning routine, and she gives us a look at what that means for her on episode 35 of the podcast. It helps to set the mood for your day and have the correct mindset. As a mother to a small child, it is even more important to start your morning out on a good note. Some of the steps that she includes in her morning routine are:

  • Get Outside
  • Go For A Walk
  • Exposure To Morning Light

36. Lloyd Ross

Lloyd Ross spoke with us on episode 36 of the podcast about his morning routine. He and his wife both work from home and a morning routine is an important start to his day. His morning routine includes going for a run early in the day. He likes to listen to a podcast to get himself motivated.

37. Jay Jay

Jay Jay is originally from Australia and now lives in LA. He spoke with us on The Morning Upgrade Podcast on episode 37 about his morning routine. He is not a fan of early mornings but still tries to make the best of a solid routine. He begins around 7 a.m. with some exercise. Then he sits down with a cup of coffee and takes a few minutes to write out his goals. 

38. Dean Brown

Dean Brown is a holistic life coach in the law of attraction by profession. Episode 38 on the podcast is about how he follows a morning routine. To get his day started on the right foot, he begins his routine the night before. 

He takes a moment to reflect on the current day and prepare for the day ahead. The day starts for Dean at the early hour of 5 a.m. with affirmations and yoga. He then listens to a motivational podcast and follows a 5-point system.

39. Dr. Angel Isovich

Dr. Angel Iscovich spoke with us on episode 39 about his morning routine. He takes this time to prepare his mindset for success. The very first thing he does every morning is to make his bed. Dr. Iscovich follows up with a cup of coffee and daily affirmations.

40. Dave Bernardino

Dave Bernardino supports his mental health with a strong morning routine. He spoke with us on episode 40 about what he likes to include in his routine each morning. Dave visualizes his day the minute his eyes open in the morning. He takes time to get his head wrapped around what is ahead of him. That way he can mentally be prepared for all that needs to be accomplished.

I hope that you feel inspired by the different routines of the guests I’ve had on the podcast. What’s most important is that you find a routine you like and can be consistent with.

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