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Every week on The Morning Upgrade Podcast, I interview entrepreneurs. We talk about their business, tips for personal development, and their morning routine. I like sharing different ideas of morning routines with you so that you are able to create a routine that works for you! Here is a roundup of the latest show guests and how they start out their day.

Episode 111 Bill Hershey

In episode 111, Bill Hershey talks with me about how he starts his day. He is a business coach for Naturopathic and Ayurveda practices. Because of that, he likes to incorporate Ayurveda at the very beginning of his day before he even gets out of bed. Meditation is the first step of an Ayurvedic lifestyle. He does this while lying in bed. Then he gets out of bed and brushes his teeth, scrapes his tongue with a copper scraper, and drinks oiled water. Once all of that is finished, he talks a shower and does an oil massage. 

Episode 112 Carolina de Arriba

Carolina de Arriba is the VP of Talent Management and Development at Schneider Electric and the host of the Leading Yourself podcast. She joined me in episode 112 and discussed the morning routine that she likes to follow. Carolina wakes up before her children to recite her gratitudes, drink water, and get in a workout. After that, she reads inspirational quotes, does something that inspires her, and takes a shower before having to take the kids to school. 

Episode 113 Ryan Miller

In episode 113 on the podcast, I talk with Ryan Miller about what he includes in his routine. Ryan is a performance coach for businesses and individuals. He wakes up at 7 am and reads the Bible and journals. Then he heads to the gym for crossfit, has breakfast, and starts the workday by 10.

Episode 114 Erin Marcus

Erin Marcus talked to me in episode 114 about her morning routine. Erin is the founder and CEO of Conquer Your Business. Her morning routine is pretty simple yet meaningful. She gets up and journals while watching TV. 

Episode 115 Adrian Moreno

Adrian Moreno is a Behavior Change Specialist who I had the privilege of speaking with on episode 115. He begins his day early (3 am) several days throughout the week. Adrian follows a sleep schedule that allows him to sleep in later in intervals throughout the week. When he wakes up, he does pseudo-hypnotic meditation and asks himself how he wants to feel by the end of the day. To finish things up, he reads for about 20-30 minutes and does a grounding exercise. 

Episode 116 Jack Tompkins

I spoke with Jack Tompkins in episode 116 about what he likes to do for his morning routine each day. Jack is the owner of Pineapple Consulting Firm and likes to do a “morning huddle”. This is where he focuses his mind on what he is going to do that day as part of his morning routine. It’s the very first thing he does is get out of bed at 8 am. To stay consistent, he makes a point never to schedule a meeting before 10 am. 

Episode 117 Mickie Kenney

I spoke with Mickie Kenney in episode 117 about how he likes to spend his morning. He is a trained poet and Founder of eReleases. Mickie sticks with something short and to the point when he gets up. First, he drinks an energy drink and then follows it with meditation. If he feels inspired, he will sit and write some poetry. 

Episode 118 Jason Duncan

Jason Duncan is a business coach for entrepreneurs, and he spoke with me in episode 118. Jason is naturally an early riser and starts the day between 5:30-6:00. He starts out with a prayer and coffee. After that, he enjoys a bike ride and a workout. 

Episode 119 Vickie Helm

In episode 119, I spoke with Vickie Helm, an entrepreneur, consultant, and best-selling author. To start the day out on the right foot, Vickie meditates for 30 minutes, drinks coffee, and sets her intentions for the day. 

Episode 120 Michael Napolitano

In episode 120, I spoke with Michael Napolitano about his routine. Michael is the founder of Rockness Music and frontman for Michael and the Rockness Monsters. To get his day started on the right note, he does yoga outside, followed by 20 minutes of meditation. He then drinks a cup of coffee to feel energized. 

Episode 121 Tommy Newberry

I spoke with Tomy Newberry on episode 121 about how his day begins. Tommy has been a coach for entrepreneurs since 1991. His morning routine starts a 6 am. The first thing he does is think spiritually/positively and pray. He then turns on music while doing a workout. To finish things up, he looks at his goals and drinks electrolyte water and coffee. 

Hopefully, these routines inspire you to come up with your own things that will be important to you on getting your day started.

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