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If you haven’t checked out the Morning Upgrade Podcast, I hope you will! I invite entrepreneurs on to have casual conversations about their personal development, their businesses, and their morning routines. As a reminder of their interview, I like to go back and do a round-up of everyone’s morning routine so you can see the many different ways you can start your day.

Here is a morning routine round-up of podcast guests from episodes 41 to 50.

41. Tommy Breedlove

Tommy Breedlove is the Author of the book, Legendary. You can hear his interview on episode 41. Tommy’s morning routine includes investing in himself. To better himself, he spends some time working on his mind, body, and heart.  

42. Charlie Stevens

In episode 42 of The Morning Upgrade, I spoke with Charlie Stevens. He runs the Marine Agency in New Jersey. As with all my interviews, I asked him what he likes to incorporate into his morning routine. He begins his day early around 5 am. The day starts when he takes his dog out. Then he sits down with a cup of coffee and reads the paper.

43. George Grombracher

George Grombracher is the founder of Money Alignment Academy. I enjoyed speaking with him on episode 43 of The Morning Upgrade. He likes incorporating a morning routine into his life to manage his day better. Some things that he likes to make a part of his routine are:

  • Waking at 4:20 a.m. every morning
  • 10-15 minutes of cardio
  • Podcasting 
  • Drink a gallon of warm water with salt
  • Breathing techniques
  • Affirmations and meditation
  • Shower

44. Dan Purcell

On episode 44 of The Morning Upgrade Podcast, I spoke with Dan Purcell, a guy I know from my mastermind group. He has 6 kids, loves nature, and enjoys the outdoors. Morning routines are something that he likes to keep simple and oriented around his life goals. He enjoys waking at the same time every morning, reading a spiritual book with his wife, prayer, and planning the day. The morning wraps up with him sitting down for breakfast with his family.

45. Scott Dailey

Scott Daily is the Vice President of Marketing and Sales of a company in North Jersey. He spoke with me on episode 45 about his morning routine. Driving to and from work is a long commute for him, which is why he has a strict routine to shut down early. He is at work by 5:30 a.m. and does his morning routine upon arriving at work by doing some research. 

46. Mia Hewett

On episode 46, I talked with Mia Hewett. She is an international speaker and best-selling author and is the founder of Aligned Intelligence. Her morning routine involves connecting to the inside vision that she has for the outcome and thinking of her priorities. 

47. Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle is an animator by trade. He has a webcomic called Your Daily Bread and runs This Was The Scene Podcast. He loves bike riding and running. Mike spoke with me on episode 47 of The Morning Upgrade Podcast about his morning routine. He always makes his bed each morning, drinks plenty of water, and spends a few minutes doing a 5-minute journal. 

48. Sam Feeney

On episode 48, I chatted with Sam Feeney. He has 5 kids, is a full-time coach, and works in public education. Sam enjoys spending time with his kids and reading when he has the time. His morning routine includes drinking coffee, working on reading the whole Bible in a year, and working on planning his day. 

49. Wes Woodhouse

Wes Woodhouse is a fighter jet pilot in the Air Force, husband, and father. He spoke with me on episode 49. Wes and his wife recently started a strict morning routine. They begin their routine the night before and wake up around 5:30 a.m. Wes starts his morning with:

  • A Good Workout or a Run
  • Listens to a Book or Podcast
  • Plans His Day
  • Reads The Bible

50. Jaime Smith 

One episode 50 of The Morning Upgrade Podcast, I talked to Jaime Smith. She is a Reiki healer and teacher. Her work is not only what she does for an income, but it is also something that she enjoys as a hobby. Jaime has a morning routine that begins the night before. She closes her evening by writing out gratitudes and red light therapy. The following day she starts by writing out her intentions, clearing her thoughts, reading tarot cards, and doing yoga. 

I hope that these routines give you some inspiration on your own morning routine.

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