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Here at the Morning Upgrade, I invite entrepreneurs to join me on my podcast to share their morning routine ideas. This is a roundup of my show guests 71-80. I hope it gives you some great ideas to put in place in your own life.

Episode #71 Becky Walsh

In Episode #71, I spoke with Becky Walsh about her morning routine. She is a personal development comedian who loves to spend time with her dogs. She also enjoys going to the theater for some entertainment. To get her day started off on the right foot, she likes to:

  • Promote a Clean Environment By Picking Up Litter During Her Walk In The Park
  • Grab Some Coffee
  • And Find A Way To Serve Others

Episode #72 Brianne Lombardo

In Episode #72, I had a great time talking to Brianne Lombardo about her morning routine. Brianne is a nutrition coach who is passionate about helping people find their way to a healthy lifestyle. In order to create an atmosphere for a good day, she does something for her mind and body. She likes to start her day with a protein coffee and spend some time doing a devotional. 

Episode #73 Alan Lazaro

In Episode #73, I had the pleasure of talking with Alan Lazaro who is a jack of many trades. He has a podcast, is a business coach & consultant, and is a public speaker. Alan likes to keep it simple and incorporate a personal prayer into each day and watch an inspirational video. 

Episode #74 Gabby Ianniello

Gabby Ianniello talks with me on episode #74 about her morning routine. She is a Corporate Quitter and the creator of the Corporate Quitter Podcast. Every day, she wakes up at 7 a.m. and has a cup of coffee. She will then get a little bit of work done between 7:30 to 12. Gabby keeps it pretty simple and to the point in the morning because she feels she does her best work during that time. 

Episode #75 Kevin Ellerton

Kevin Ellerton joins me on episode #75 to talk about his morning routine. Kevin is a meditation guru who publishes a magazine called ā€œMeditation Magazineā€. He begins his day by waking up with his baby at 6 a.m. Kevin and his daughter take a stroll to the park in the morning and he does meditation exercises while there. 

Episode #76 Terry Herring

In Episode #76, I talk with Terry Herring who is a Chief Commercial Officer at Synergistix. In order to maximize his day, he likes to follow a morning routine that contains three steps. It consists of meditation, reading a devotion, and taking time to prepare for his day. Working from home has changed things up for him a bit, and he makes a point to get ready each day even when staying home.

Episode #77 Scott Raven

Scott Raven joined me on Episode #77 to talk about his morning routine. Scott is the owner of Premier Martial Arts Sandy Springs and East Lake. He begins his day each morning at 5:30 a.m. and gets a cup of coffee. After that, he gets his kids up and ready for school, and out the door. Scott follows a meditation routine with the app Calm and creates a task list for the next day before bed each night. 

Episode #78 Nik Kennett

In Episode #78, I had the chance to talk with Nik Kennett, a professional marketer. He is currently on a six-month sabbatical, to travel and explore the world. Nik wakes up each morning around 5:30 or 6 a.m. to drink coffee and read his Bible. He likes to use red light therapy while ready his Bible, also called the happy light. To commence his morning routine, he goes for either a walk or a run. 

In Episode #79 Andrew  Majewski

In Episode #79, Andrew Majewski talks with me about his morning routine. Andrew is the owner of Ad Space Communications and the co-founder of the American Flag Club. He likes to keep his morning routine as simple as possible. Before bed each night, he makes a to-do list for the next day. He makes sure the tasks are easy so he can mark them off. 

In Episode #80 Jane Tornatore

In Episode #80, I had the pleasure of talking with Jane Tornatore on the show. She is a therapist and personal coach. Her morning routine looks a little something like this:

  • Gratitude Practice
  • Send Love To The World
  • Feeds Her Cats
  • Makes Tea and Drinks It While Reading In Bed
  • Stretches
  • Repeats Affirmations While Exercises on Her Trampoline

I hope this roundup up morning routine ideas will help you put new routines in place to start your day.

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