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Every week on the Morning Upgrade podcast, I interview entrepreneurs to get their morning routine ideas and other tips for growing a business. Here is a round-up of the things they do each day when they wake up.

#91 Dan Norenberg

In episode #91, I spoke with Dan Norenberg about what it is he likes to do to get his morning started. His morning may vary in the way that he starts it, depending on the situations he is facing that day. He wakes up sometime between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. and drinks a cup of coffee and water. To set the day on the right foot, he makes his bed and watches a little bit of the news. He then ends his morning routine with some stretching and meditation. 

#92 Whitney Freya

Whitney Freya is an Inspired Living Expert, and I had the privilege of talking with her on episode #92. We discuss what it is she likes to do each morning to get her day started out on the right note. Though many people feel that they need to have a particular routine set in place, she feels the opposite. She gets up each morning and does whatever it is she needs and wants to do. 

#93 John Clarke

Episode #93 is spent talking with John Clarke, who is a therapist. He also runs Calm again Counseling and is the owner of the Private Practice Workshop. John likes to start his day by waking up before his baby does. He will do a brief meditation and writes down three gratitudes and three things he is looking forward to. 

#94 Tara Chatzakis

I spoke with Tara Chatzakis on episode #94. She is a business coach and podcaster. We talked about what it is she likes to make a point to do each morning to get her day started. Before she even steps foot out of bed, she likes to recite a few gratitudes and then have a cup of coffee in her garden. Following that, she will meditate for a half hour to an hour and a half and exercise for up to thirty minutes. 

#95 Joe Evangelisti

In episode #95, I speak with Joe Evangelisti about his morning routine. Joe is an owner of a self-storage building. He wakes up each morning at 4:15 a.m. and gets in a good workout. After that, he likes to meditate and do some journaling. During his journaling, he likes to make a list of three things he wants to accomplish that day to feel more successful. He likes to wrap up his morning routine by 7:15 a.m. so he can take some time to spend with his daughters. 

#96 Brandi Fleck

Brandi Fleck is a successful woman who is a writer, podcaster, and owner of Human Amplified. I had the chance to talk with her on episode #96 about how she likes to start her morning each day. She starts out each morning helping her kids get ready for school. She likes to eat breakfast within thirty minutes of waking up and drinks a cup of coffee. Brandi also likes to spend a little time outside each morning too. 

#97 Lorraine Ball

Lorraine Ball talks with me on episode #97. She is the owner of The Digital Box and host of More Than A Few Words. Her morning routine is fairly simple and only consists of getting in some exercise with her personal equipment. 

#98 Mike Van Pelt

In episode #98, I talk with Mike Van Pelt about his morning routine. Mike hosts a podcast show called The True Man Podcast and is a men’s life coach. He likes to begin his day around 5:15 a.m. with a protein bar, a glass of water, and a good workout. Once he does that, he spends some time meditating and praying over his day. He then checks his calendar to see what is on his agenda for the day. This process takes around two hours of his time each morning. 

#99 Julie Traxler and Corey Harris

I spoke with Julie Traxler and Corey Harris on episode #99. They own SB Pace and Certivium together. Julie likes to have a morning routine, and Corey doesn’t really follow one. Each morning Julie will spend exactly thirteen minutes and forty-seven seconds writing gratitudes, praying, and visualizations. She will also listen to a podcast, drink coffee, and end with a good workout at the gym. On the other hand, Corey likes to spend some alone time each morning lying in bed, easing into the day. 

#100 Ryan Cote

In episode #100, Ryan Cote talks about all he has learned from his guests on the show. He doesn’t mention a morning routine, but it is something you will enjoy listening to.

Thanks so much for checking out this roundup. For more morning routine ideas, check out the blog post I wrote with 54 more ideas.

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