page title icon Podcast Spotlight: Morning Routines of Guests 132 – 140

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On the Morning Upgrade Podcast, I enjoy having conversations with fellow entrepreneurs about their businesses and morning routines. I hope you enjoy this roundup of podcast guests from episodes 132-140.

132. Blaine Oelkers

Blaine Oelkers

In episode #132, I spoke with Blaine Oelkers, a Chief Results officer for businesses. We discussed the benefits of growing your own business and the importance of cultivating habits. Blaine shares how his Sacred 30 routines support his healthy mindset.  

133. Mike Suderman

Mike Suderman

I interviewed Mike Suderman, a professional recruiter for C-suite executives, in episode #133 of the podcast. We focused on how to create a roadmap for success, which includes surrounding yourself with positive people, reading personal development books, and cultivating a strong mindset. 

134. Clint Arthur

Clint Arthur

Clint Arthur is an author, coach, speaker, and entrepreneur who helps people view themselves as celebrity entrepreneurs as they influence others for success. In episode #134, we talked about the importance of working on personal growth before helping others do the same. Seeking the things you love and making that your life’s work can help launch you into success. 

135. Jamie Lerner

Jamie Lerner

In episode #135 of the podcast, I enjoyed chatting with Jamie Lerner about facing challenges and how to form habits that support overall well-being. Jamie is a well-being therapist who helps people identify who they want to be and then helps them successfully get there. 

136. Preston Brown

Preston Brown

Preston Brown, a serial entrepreneur, economist, investor, and coach, shared how to build a successful routine in episode #136. We chatted about the seven stages of entrepreneurship, how to cope with wounds and help wounds turn into something positive. 

137. Bobbi Kahler

Bobbi Kahler

In episode #137, I talked with Bobbi Kahler, an experienced entrepreneur, speaker, and author, on how to let relationships improve your business. Bobbi shared how to allow people to open you up to new possibilities and increase your well-being. She also shared her favorite morning routines and meditation apps. 

138. Kerry Thomas

Kerry Thomas

Kerry Thomas, owner of Conquer the Chaos, shares the secrets of her successful productivity business in episode #138 of the podcast. We explored how to overcome overwhelm and the importance of choosing one organization system and sticking with it.

139. Chris McDonald

Chris McDonald

In episode #139, Chris McDonald and I enjoyed talking about using holistic therapies in your morning routines. As a licensed therapist, business owner, and podcaster, Chris opens up about her extensive morning routine and the universal benefits of yoga.

140. Dave Albin

Dave Albin

I enjoyed interviewing Dave Albin in episode #140 as we talked about the influence of family and how we pass a legacy onto our children. Dave, owner, and entrepreneur of Firewalk Adventures, shares how his business helps people enjoy mental and spiritual growth.

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