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One thing I talk about a lot is pushing yourself to try new things…and I very often do this to myself. If you have been reading with me on the blog then you will know that just starting the blog has been a journey for me. 

Before I share this story, I want to tell you that the purpose of this blog is not to promote the new product I launched. Instead, with each new thing I try, I want to share the process in detail with you here, hoping it will help you or inspire you, to take action. 

Entrepreneurship is something I talk about on the podcast every week and quite often on the blog. If you’re an entrepreneur or thinking about becoming one…or whether or not you’ve ever created a product…I believe you’ll find this story interesting.

And even if you’re not, the baseline message of this blog post is about trying new things and overcoming self-doubt.

My Goals With Morning Upgrade

My plan with Morning Upgrade has been to bring awareness to personal development topics and how morning routines can help you navigate a path through fulfillment to personal growth. I knew eventually I would create a service or product for the business that would help others to invest in their morning routine. 

My original plan was that I would create a journal. The problem with that is there are so many on the market that I figured mine would just be white noise. The idea of a journal was never a light bulb idea for me…I didn’t feel it in my gut. 

Then, I found a productivity product called the 3×5 Life cards. I really liked the card format because it allowed me to put pen to paper and it was very convenient. I also like the experience of taking a new card every morning. The 3×5 cards focus more on productivity, but I was adapting them to sort of fit my morning routine. That’s when I had the idea that I should create my own card-type product that specifically helps (and shows) someone how to do a morning routine.

The Hole In The Market My Cards Fill

Some people on my podcast, my team, friends, family, etc…have mentioned that they want to start a morning routine. The biggest challenge is that they don’t have time for a long routine. Not only that, they don’t know what to do for a morning routine. 

That’s when the idea seed really started to grow…maybe I should create a card-based “journal” that helps people with their morning routines, and is short and sweet.

Sure, there are products on the market that help people with their morning routines…apps, blogs, journals, books, etc. But I looked and didn’t see anything on the market available in card format.

How I Created And Tested The Morning Routine Cards

Since I was planning to make a product for people who don’t have a lot of time, I aimed to create a routine that takes no more than 20 minutes to do. Between the convenience of the cards, and the short amount of time someone needs to invest in them, this product would help people stay consistent (no excuses not to do the routine). Even on vacation, a system like this makes it easy to remain consistent. 

Before I started working on these cards, my routine was about 45-60 minutes long. That was much too long for what I was trying to create with the Morning Upgrade cards. So, I started looking at the meat and potatoes of my morning routine for what could translate to a card. 

I pared down my routine to the core things that I believe make the biggest difference (80/20 rule). That’s what ended up on the cards. 

To make sure this was a good routine to promote to others, I tested the routine for four weeks to make sure I liked it. I knew if I liked the routine and it was helping me, I’d be able to help others. 

How I Took My Idea And Turned It Into A Product

Morning Upgrade Cards Combo

Once I knew what direction I wanted to go, it was time to take my idea and turn it into a product. Keep in mind, this was mostly unchartered territory for me…meaning, I didn’t know what I was doing except for the eCommerce part. I had to figure out each of the steps that needed to be taken for me to develop a product, get the orders fulfilled, and more.

Here are the steps I took: 

1. Got the Cards Designed

I needed to get the cards designed. So I went to 99designs and had some concepts created. Then I polled all my friends and contacts to see which design captured their attention. 

2. Found a Printer

Once I had the design, I could find a printer that would print the cards. To do this, I contacted six different printers and tested their support by asking a lot of questions. Ones that were responsive, rose to the top. I ended up going with a company that had good pricing and great support.

3. Looked for a Fulfillment Company

After the cards were printed, I would need someone to fulfill the orders as they came in. I did the same thing with these companies that I did with finding a printer. I reached out to the support of a few companies and set up calls with them to see which one I felt best about. 

I actually went with a company that was a little more expensive but had amazing support. And I knew I needed this because support is crucial when you’re trying to fulfill orders. 

4. Built a Sales Page

The best way to sell a new product is to write detailed information about it and showcase its features and benefits. To create the sales page, I hired a copywriter to create a copy…I hired a service to create an animated explainer video…and then had my web developer design/build the sales page. After a few rounds of tweaks, I got it to where I was very happy with it. 

5. Set Up a Shop on My Site

At first, I was considering doing a Shopify store, but my developer convinced me to go with WooCommerce. Since my site is a WordPress site, adding WooCommerce was fairly easy. Also, it comes with an affiliate program add-on, so I was able to quickly set up an affiliate program to enable people to help promote the cards for a commission. 

All The Puzzle Pieces Are in Place

Finally, after speaking with a lot of people, leaning into the advice of others, and taking all the steps above, the cards are for sale! Sure, there are still a lot of things I’ll need to do including marketing…tweaking…adding enhancements such as a holder for the cards, etc…but I’m live, and that’s the most important part.

I wanted to share all of this with you because it’s important that you know it’s ok to embark on a journey of unknowns. Yes, it can be scary and uncertain. Sure, there were times I wanted to quit because I was getting frustrated. But I kept pushing forward because I knew it was important for my overall mission at Morning Upgrade.

I honestly don’t even know if the product will sell well. But, it’s not a failure unless you give up. I 100% believe in the cards, so I’m going to keep working on ways to build awareness of personal development and morning routines…and get my cards in the hands of people who need them. 

I hope that my story inspires you to take action! You don’t have to have it all figured out. Learn as you go…seek advice…take action daily…and expect problems to arise that you’ll have to figure out. Go for it!

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