page title icon How I Use Nutritional Supplements and Diet to Help My Personal Development

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Ever since I was in college, I found it interesting that you could take a nutritional supplement pill to get the nutrients you needed. I’ve used supplements ever since to help me with my health goals. When I was in college I took specific supplements to help me build muscle through weight lifting. Actually, I was so into nutrition, I worked at GNC for a while during my college days.

Now that I’m older, I invest in really high-quality dietary supplements to help me in different ways. I feel like I need to focus on thinking sharply and feeling good as I age, and that is achieved through healthy living. 

The Supplements I Take

I’ve taken some dietary supplements in the past that I don’t think I was digesting that well. Right now, I’m taking Total Human, which has a morning pack and a night pack. It’s not a cheap supplement…but I have always felt it was worth it to invest in my health. 

This particular dietary supplement comes in two packs, one for the day and one for the evening. The day pack helps you stay focused, have energy, endurance, and generally feel well. The evening pack helps you relax and nourish your body overnight so you can wake up refreshed. 

I also take two specialized supplements for specific purposes: AMMA Healing for CBD oil and EarlyBird cocktail as a coffee alternative.

How I Use Supplements For My Personal Development

My health is one of the pillars I hit in the morning during my morning routine…which is focused on personal development. Taking dietary supplements help me with:

  • working out in the morning
  • staying focused and keeping my mind sharp
  • feeling good overall
  • boosting my immunities

I think what I like most about supplements is that it is easy. It is a way for me to get in the daily doses of Vitamin C, amino acids, and fish oil, which can be difficult without them. I do focus on eating a healthy diet, but I’m not perfect. 

My Current Diet Goals

nutritional supplements

Eating well has always been a priority to me, but it has looked different over the years. By no means do I eat a perfect diet every day. I have things that I really crave like pizza and ice cream, which are ok for me to have on occasion, but not every day. 

Intermittent Fasting

I do intermittent fasting every day, so I eat my first meal of the day at lunch. There are a lot of health benefits to intermittent fasting. While I haven’t noticed it helps significantly with weight loss, some people use it for that reason. But, intermittent fasting can help your body by giving your gut a break and creating autophagy in your body (healthy cells eating unhealthy cells). 

For more potential benefits that supplements can have on your health, check out what Heather at Mommypotamus says in her article about intermittent fasting

BTW, I’m not a doctor and I don’t recommend you do intermittent fasting without checking with your doctor first. The same goes with taking any new nutritional supplements.

Start The Day With Salad 

I like to begin my day with good nutritious foods that will fuel me for my day. Salads are an easy way to keep your nutrition in check, which is why I eat one every day at lunch. Mostly I eat kale, spinach, beans, walnuts, tomatoes, feta cheese, and a little olive oil and lemon juice on top. It’s a big, hardy salad filled with fortified foods and helps me feel full until dinner. 

When I Take My Supplements

Since I take a dietary supplement that has a day and night pack, I take them with the two meals I eat a day. The day pack I take when I have a salad at lunch. The night pack I have with dinner. 

How Supplements and a Healthy Diet Help My Mindset

nutritional supplements

My diet and health routine really help my daily mindset. Because I’m willing to spend a lot of money on my dietary supplements, I find that it makes me more conscious of other choices I make during the day. It leads to me eating healthier meals, reducing the chances of heart disease, working out consistently, and limiting unhealthy choices. 

When you make health-conscious decisions like this, your identity changes. If you’re someone that spends $150 a month on herbal supplements, then you’re probably someone that will eat a good dinner and exercise. If you are someone that eats salads every day, then you are probably someone that limits desserts. 

Like I said before, I’m not perfect with my diet, but I try to have a net-zero every day. I don’t constantly deprive myself, but I don’t constantly binge either. Instead, I just work on staying consistent with my diet so I can reach my health goals. 

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