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Every week, I interview entrepreneurs on the Morning Upgrade Podcast. We talk about business tips and personal development tips. One thing I always like to ask my guests is to share with me their morning routine. Check out this roundup of my guests on episodes 122-131. Hopefully, their morning routine ideas will spark something in you!

Episode #122 Thom Walters

In episode #122, I had the privilege of talking with Thom Walters about his morning routine. Thom is a meditation instructor and has a few steps he likes to take each morning to get his day started. He uses a sleep cycle app to wake up. Once his eyes are open, he lays in bed for about 5 minutes to allow himself to gently wake up. After that, he likes to do some journaling, study Italian, and takes a walk to the park down the road. 

Episode #123 Valerie Hayes

Valerie Hayes talked to me in episode #123 about how she likes to start her day. She is a fractional COO who works with small businesses. Valerie begins her day at 5 a.m. each morning. The first thing she does is check her email and watch the news. To help her creativity get flowing, she creates content before she gets dressed and eats breakfast. Once she arrives at her office, she begins making a list of priorities to help her stay on track for the day. 

Episode #124 Josh Greene

In episode #124, Josh Greene talked with me about his morning routine. Josh is the founder of Groove and likes to keep his morning routine simple. The first thing he does is take his dog for a walk, and then check his emails while eating breakfast. Simple routines make it easy to stay consistent.

Episode #125 Allyson Page

Allyson Page is a functional medicine doctor. She talked with me in episode #125 about how she starts her day. When it comes to her mornings, she likes to keep it simple. She wakes up at 6:40, before the rest of her family, and sits down to watch her ducks. This allows her to find peace before the day gets going.

Episode #126 Zack Boothe

In episode #126, I spoke with Zack Boothe. He is a wholesale realtor and realtor coach. He focuses on one task in the morning, and that is to get up early and do an intense workout. What a great way to get your blood bumping and excited for the day.

Episode #127 Chris Myles

Chris Myles is a professional blogger, YouTuber, and podcaster. I had the pleasure of talking with him in episode #127 about his morning routine. His day begins at 7 a.m. The first thing he does is check his sites for notifications and what’s happening. After that, he wakes his kids at 8 a.m. and helps them get ready for school. Around 8:30, he begins his work day and works till noon.

Episode #128 Kim Sorrelle

Kim Sorrelle, owner of several businesses and an author, talked with me in episode #128 about her morning routine. She likes to wake up early and take a 45-minute walk. She will talk to one of her friends on the phone while she walks. After that, she drinks decaffeinated coffee and listens to Darren Hardy. The last thing she does is pray and look at her to-do list.

Episode #129 Lindy Nowak

In episode #129, Lindy Nowak talked about her morning routine. She is the founder and owner of Up in a Day Websites. In this episode, she tells us how she wakes up between 6-7 each day and does a morning meditation, yoga, or goes for a 3-4 mile walk. When she is finished, she has coffee and breakfast.

Episode #130 Seth Buechley

I talked with Seth Buechley, an entrepreneur, connector, and owner of Cathedral Consulting, in episode #130. During this episode, he tells me about his morning routine and what steps he takes to start his day. Seth wakes up around 6:00 a.m., avoids using his phone, drinks coffee, and reads and memorizes scripture. To get his energy up, he works out before starting the day.

Episode #131 Mitch Hankins

I talked with Mitch Hankins, a performance coach, professional speaker, and author, in episode #131. He gets up at 6:00 and immediately takes a 3-5 min ice bath. Once he gets out, he watches the sunrise while meditating. The last couple of steps he takes is journaling, reading an inspirational book, and doing some exercise, such as walking his dogs.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you start your own routine. Go get em!

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