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Lately, I’ve been on a kick for trying to incorporate what I call “life upgrades” into my day to day and I want to share it with as many people as possible in hopes it inspires others to try the same.

Life upgrades meaning, what habits/services/products can you add to your life that will upgrade it? Upgrade can mean many things: more money, more time, more peace of mind, more fitness, more sleep, more skills/education, more happiness, etc.

And a life upgrade doesn’t need to cost money…if you’re looking on how to improve your life, there are plenty of free things that will upgrade your life. For example: meditation, morning rituals and reading 10 pages per day (library).

Why Life Upgrades?

The purpose of these life upgrades is to kaizen your life on a regular basis. i.e. continuous improvement. I’m passionate about this because I fully believe that having a growth mindset is critical. For me, it’s the journey, not necessarily the end goal. Don’t get me wrong, having goals is important because you need to know the direction you’re heading in…but the journey…the growth…the challenges…the wins…the person I’m becoming…that’s what fires me up. Because once I reach the goal, whatever it is, I know I’ll be setting the new goal. I think anyone with a growth mindset is going to do this so you might as well appreciate the journey too.

And don’t forget that the idea behind life upgrades is not just about ways to improve your life…indirectly, you’ll also improve and inspire the lives of those around you. When you lead by example and “show up differently”, you’ll influence the family, friends and colleagues that see you the most. Not everyone of course, but enough to make a real difference and that’s when it gets really fulfilling.

Recommended Reading

A couple of years ago I read a book called The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and it reframed the way I think about making small improvements. Usually we have the tendency to swing for the fences…and obviously there is something to that as well for some people as shown by Grant Gardone’s 10X Rule or these related books.

You have to find the approach that works best for you.

I’m taking a different path in terms of adding small life upgrades on a steady regular basis (shooting for 1 new upgrade every quarter) where the results will compound over the coming years and elevate not only my life but hopefully the lives of the people around me too.

I’m currently reading Atomic Habits by James Clear and the message is similar. Tiny 1% improvements in your daily habits snowballs to remarkable results. The book actually points out something interesting in that, eventually with these small changes, we reach a tipping point where the positive results become very noticable. It’s like an ice cube sitting on a table in a room that is 25 degrees. You can keep increasing the temperature by 1 degree and nothing will happen, your brain can’t register the differences in the ice cube…but go from 31 to 32 degrees and the ice cube will start melting. This is the tipping point.

Life Upgrade Examples

So in terms of what life upgrades could look like and examples of ways to improve your life, I wanted to share what I’m trying to do in hopes it might spark some ideas for your own life. This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list and I’d love to hear from you on what your life upgrades are or tips you will be trying.

  • Meditate daily, give your brain and body a break
  • Practice gratitude daily
  • Journal or write daily
  • Morning routine
  • Take high quality vitamin supplements
  • Read 10 pages per day
  • Walk around your local area
  • Get an Audible account to learn
  • Get a Skillshare account to learn
  • Hang out with a friend routinely, or join a local organization
  • Get house cleaners
  • Use a food service like Blue Apron or Freshly
  • Cold showers
  • Send out 1 handwritten thank you card or note every day
  • Reach out to 2 people every day to connect and build relationships
  • No electronics after 8pm, this includes social media
  • Use WHOOP or something similar to track your health stats
  • Invest in training or new skills
  • Get 7–8 hours of sleep every night
  • Fast or whatever diet works for you

Thanks for Reading!

To sum things up, I think everyone will benefit from being conscious of the idea of upgrading their life. Adding small, continuous improvements over time can lead to big gains across your life, career, health, happiness, finances and more. Don’t overthink this. If you’re looking for how to improve your life? Just start with something…and the fact that you’re now conscious of this lifestyle change, you’ll naturally notice upgrades you can make. I’d love to hear from you on tips for ways to improve your life and feel better all-around. Reach out and let me know!

Seize the day! 🙂

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