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Hello! I’m Ryan Cote, the creator of Morning Upgrade and I’m happy you are here to learn how life-changing morning routines and personal development can be. I know firsthand how you can turn your life around and reach your goals by putting a few things in place when you first get up. 

My journey to creating a morning routine started in 2017 when things weren’t going well in my business. It felt like the sky was falling because we lost a lot of big clients in a short period of time. I felt worried, flustered and, honestly, very mediocre. This caused me to take a step back to figure out what the heck was actually going on. 

Invest in Yourself

Ryan Cote

I knew the solution was more than just refining the clients we did business with and improving both the sales process and the client service part. I needed to work on myself, too. How could I be a good leader to my clients and team if I wasn’t first investing wholeheartedly in myself? 

Around that same time, I heard about Miracle Morning, and I gave it a shot. Things started to turn around and that’s when I fell in love with morning routines. I started looking forward to the first hour of each day because I knew it was improving my life and business at the same time. 

I think what I like about personal development and striving to be a better person is because it’s a worthy cause for two reasons:

  1. Being a better person is a simple way to give back to the world and it has a ripple effect that has the potential to turn into something great.
  2. It’s a goal that never ends. I am far from perfect, which is why I will always work on myself. Even when I feel like I’m a better person, there’s always areas I need to work on or habits that can be tamed. 

Why I Started Morning Upgrade

My goal with Morning Upgrade is to create a real impact in the world…essentially I want to raise the awareness of morning routines and personal development. I hope to eventually reach 100,000 visitors per month to this website. I want to achieve the creation of a community that helps people build happier, more fulfilling lives while discovering strategies for reaching their goals. 

It’s my hope to convince you to take an active interest in personal development by way of making the steps to a strong morning routine. In my personal experience, morning routines have been the catalyst to success and growth in my life. I know that it can do the same for you! 

I’m also creating this site as a legacy for my children (now and in the future). I plan to read them the blogs I write while they are still young…and leave it for them to come back to when they get older.

A Little About Me

how to reach your goals

As I said before, my name is Ryan Cote. My beautiful wife, Jill, and I raise our three daughters in New Jersey where we have lived most of our lives. 

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and help run my family’s direct mail and digital marketing company, Ballantine, with my uncle and 2 brothers (my dad retired in 2017). My great uncle started the company in 1966 — fast forward to today, we have a great team all working together to help our clients succeed…the work is very fulfilling. We also just launched a new roofing company under the Ballantine umbrella called Ballantine Home Improvement!

I love entrepreneurship and building things. Ever since college, I’ve had side ventures from affiliate marketing to building & selling an eCommerce website to providing SEO services to small businesses and more. I still have an active interest in creating, testing, and trying new things in business (for example, my passion project, Morning Upgrade!). 

Not only did I come from a family of entrepreneurs, but I also married someone smart with a business mindset! In fact, right when we first got married, Jill pushed me into becoming a real estate investor. Turns out she was right…15 years later of being a landlord, and with some situations that were NOT easy, I see how much it will pay off. 

Things I Love

When I’m not pursuing business ventures and working with my family and team at Ballantine, I like to invest in personal development and self-growth. This is an ongoing goal for me and very fulfilling. It takes many forms in my life….whether it’s learning something new, getting outside and being active, or spending time with my family, I’m always looking for ways to make myself 1% better than the day before.

I’m also a huge fan of reading, movies, fitness, good red wine, road trips and nutritional supplements. I’ve actually had a strange obsession with vitamins since I was 12 years old…I even worked at GNC throughout college…today my multivitamin supplement of choice, hands down, is Total Human by Onnit. The other supplements I take are CBD Oil by AMMA Healing and a morning cocktail by EarlyBird.

What support do you need to achieve your goals? I want to invite you to join me in making personal growth a top priority in your life by investing in morning routines. Check out my morning routine page where I share resources and the schedule I like to follow each day. 

2 thoughts on “My Story”

  1. Ryan,
    We all stumble into something and today I stumbled into you. So I listen to your podcast and read your words. Both left me thinking which I believe is the point of everything. I want to congratulate you on the creation of this journey. There is no better way to built a better you than by helping others look inside of their selves to achieve their goals. Learn, Teach and Grow! Well done Ryan. I know I will listen and learn again to achieve 1% better.
    Happy Trails
    Dan McAdams

    • Thanks Dan, good to hear from you! And what you said is exactly why I am doing this – to raise the awareness of personal development and to play my tiny role in hopefully helping people with their own self growth.


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