Overview of Morning Routines

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One thing that many highly successful people have in common is that they start the day with a morning routine. Why is that? I believe it is because when you create the habit of investing in yourself, it has a ripple effect on all areas of your life.

It’s amazing how “lucky” I start to get when I’m consistent with my morning routine. When I haven’t been consistent, I’ve noticed I feel different, and it affects my day overall. Makes sense, though, because consistency and time are keys to being successful in anything. 

Motivation Behind My Morning Routine

In 2017, things were not going well in business, and I knew I needed to improve myself … so that I show up differently (meaning better). That’s when I got the idea to put a morning routine in place, and my life changed. Each item in my routine hits 1 of 3 different areas of personal development that I focus on … fitness, mindset and productivity.

Think about it … when you spend even a few minutes each day doing something small, it can add up to something really big. Every day my brain is getting sharper, my cardio and strength are improving, I’m more grateful, etc.

My goal is to bring awareness to others about the power of morning routines and personal development. But, I also know that there are challenges with putting a morning routine in place AND staying consistent with it. That’s why I want to share the quick list below of ideas that are simple and easy to do. I also have a full list of 54 ideas here if you want to dive deeper.

The most important part of any routine is that what you do marries up with your life and goals … and is something you will stick with. 

It’s ok to change your routine as your life and goals change. I can’t even tell you which iteration of my own morning routine I’m on … and what I’m doing right now definitely won’t be the last thing I try!

That’s the cool thing about putting together a morning routine. You get to do what you want … experiment, tweak, test, etc. 

OK, so here’s a quick list of ideas and strategies I rounded up from my personal journey, as well as from guests I’ve had on The Morning Upgrade Podcast. 

1. Set Your Priorities for the Day

This is a great way to help you get going with your productivity for the day. You can write down the biggest thing you want to accomplish that day … or maybe 2-3 things if you have a lot going on. The idea here is to work on the thing that will move the needle forward in your life or business. This is often referred to as your big rock(s). 

2. Write Down What You’re Grateful For

The more you practice gratitude, the easier it will become. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Small things are great, too … like fall weather, coffee, morning sunshine … anything that you feel grateful for. Doing this rewires your brain to look for the positive in life. 

3. Journal a Few Sentences

A simple but effective way to get yourself in the right mindset when you get up is to journal. You don’t have to fill a whole page with thoughts (though that can work, too!). Jotting down just a few sentences each morning lets you acknowledge your emotions and clear your mind so you can focus and be productive … it’s like a brain dump. 

4. Meditate

Meditation is a proven way to strengthen your mindset. This is a crucial piece to the puzzle when you are trying to make improvements in your life and business. Think of meditation as training for your mind to help prepare you to handle challenges that come your way. 

There are a lot of apps available that you can use to guide you in meditation. You can start out with just 5 minutes to ease you into the routine. That might not seem like a lot, but you’ll reap the benefits when you do it every day (compound effect at play). 

5. Say Positive Affirmations

“I expand in abundance, success, and love every day as I inspire those around me to do the same.” (The Big Leap).

This is a simple affirmation you can repeat every morning as part of your routine. Maybe you say it when you first wake up … or at the end of your meditation practice. Saying positive affirmations is one of the fastest ways to put yourself in a good mood and start the day off on the right foot. 

6. Take a Cold Shower

I know what you’re thinking … why!?! Taking cold showers is a personal development hack because it trains you to take control of your mind and make hard decisions. Starting out the day by pushing yourself to do something you don’t want to do can help you feel like you’ve won the day before it begins. 

7. Exercise

Even if it is just for five minutes as part of your morning boost, exercising is important for everyone. When you get the blood flowing first thing in the morning, it helps you feel alert and ready for the day. To really get your blood pumping to, consider doing full-body exercises such as mountain climbers, burpees, or jumping jacks. Moving non-stop for five minutes doing bodyweight exercises will definitely push you.

8. Read 

Every day, find ways to invest in your education to help yourself grow personally and professionally. You don’t have to read for a long time for this to be effective. Even committing to reading 5 pages of a book each morning will help and really adds up over time. 

9. Play Brain Games

A great way to exercise your brain is to spend time playing brain games. Pick an app you enjoy (there are a bunch available) and make a commitment to practice each morning. It’s a great way to help you stay sharp and keep your mind strong. You already know you need to exercise your body … don’t forget to exercise your brain as well!

10. Recognize Your Wins

No matter how small, take a minute to celebrate your wins each morning. It’s an important habit to form because what you focus on improves. Paying attention to your victories helps motivate you to keep pushing forward and making progress. 

I Hope You’ll Join Me!

My goal with this site is to help encourage others to invest in their own personal growth including the development of a consistent morning routine. If you do, I promise it will change your life! Please check out my story page to learn more about my personal development journey and where my passion all began.

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  1. Ryan, one of your email blasts caught my eye and I found your blog. I, too, read Miracle Morning and since July have built my morning routine around it. Good for you to build healthy habits while so young and to be able to pass on to your children. Continued success at Ballantine and with the MorningUpgrade! – Genie Weisz – The Paper Store & more…


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