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I’ve been taking CBD oils for a while and have seen great benefits from taking them. I started taking it because I deal with slight anxiety, and so I wanted to add in something else to help me be calm…and I read that CBD helps with inflammation, too which is a nice secondary benefit as a preventative measure. There are a lot of brands on the market…but I chose AMMA Healing for a number of reasons that I will discuss later in this article.  There are also a lot of products out there as well, such as hemp, THC-free, body products, and more. Learning which one is best for you and your needs is important.

As with anything new that you take, always check with your doctor. For me, AMMA healing products have been a good addition to my healthy living quest. 

How I Use CBD Oil As Part of My Morning Routine

The way I take the CBD oil in the morning isn’t special. I just put the recommended dose under my tongue for a minute and then swallow it. Many people take oils sublingually (under the tongue) because it gets into your bloodstream faster. 

But one thing I want to mention is that I take these oils before I get going on the rest of my morning routine. I think that the other things I do during my routine complement the effects of CBD oil. When I’m working on my mindset through exercise, reading, journaling, gratitude practice, meditation, etc. I feel even calmer and more focused. 

Why I Use AMMA Healing CBD Oils 

As I mentioned, there are a lot of brands on the market. I know it’s hard to weed through product descriptions and choose something you trust. Ever since college, I’ve been really into supplements and have spent a lot of time researching the best products to use. The main reason I chose AMMA above other brands is the way they source their oil. 

When you choose a CBD product, you have to be careful about the process in which it is grown, harvested, and turned into the oil you take. Another important aspect is whether or not it is third-party tested. A good CBD company will hand its product off to an unbiased third party that will determine the purity of the oil. You can read more about the science behind AMMA on their website

How I Use Other AMMA CBD Products

amma healing

If you have done any reading about CBD oils, you’ll know that they can be used for a broad spectrum of different health reasons. The main reasons I use them are to address anxiety, inflammation in the body (precautionary), and general well-being. My wife, Jill, uses the salve for pain relief, which is a really common use for CBD. 

I like to use these three products: 

CBD Oil – I start my day with the dose that is recommended before I do the rest of my morning routine. It helps to calm me and I’m more focused, which helps set the tone for my day.

CBD Salve – I use this on my wife’s back whenever it is bothering her or hurting. Because it is anti-inflammatory, it calms down the inflammation brought on from her old cheerleading injuries. Also, it smells good, so it doesn’t smell like I’m rubbing medication on her back. 

ELEVATE Elixir – This is a relaxation drink that I have a few nights a week to help me unwind before bed. It’s not an overwhelming feeling of relaxation…it’s more of a calm, peaceful feeling…and I like the fact that I’m getting the benefits of CBD at the same time. I just mix it into a glass of ice water with organic lemon juice and 1 pack of Stevia for flavor. Don’t consume ELEVATE Elixir directly because it’s very bitter (I learned the hard way!).

How to Buy AMMA Healing Products at 15% Off

If you want to check out the broad spectrum of AMMA healing products, you can go to their website and learn more about them. They have offered my readers a 15% discount…all you need to do is use my link to visit the AMMA website and put your order in the cart and then click on checkout. It will take off the 15% on the next screen and show you the discount. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • These can all be used for a broad spectrum of issues such as anxiety, inflammation, pain, general well-being, and more
  • Talk with your doctor before adding in new products such as hemp, CBD, THC-free, and body oils
  • These products complement other healthy lifestyle choices
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