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I haven’t had morning coffee in two months.

It’s not that I am against coffee…in fact, I love the ritual of getting up each morning and having it. While the taste of coffee isn’t my favorite, I do like the daily routine…and the caffeine helps too of course.

So why did I stop drinking it? Because I tried the EarlyBird Morning Cocktail, and now I’m hooked.

I’m always looking for ways to experiment with different supplements for my personal development. Since I wasn’t married to my morning coffee, I felt this was an area where I could experiment. Meaning, could I replace my coffee habit with a better and healthier alternative? Like coffee on steroids. And honestly, not sure if this is crazy of not, but I started worrying about coffee staining my teeth. So, when I saw Facebook ads for EarlyBird, I thought I’d give it a try. 

OK, so here’s why I gave this supplement a try…

The first thing that attracted me to this supplement was the ingredients. I’ve been taking supplements since I was 12 and even worked at GNC in college. As a result, I feel like I have a good eye for supplements that are worth testing.

Another thing that affected my buying decision is EarlyBird’s tagline, “Wake up early, get sh*t done”. Love it. They also have a super cool website and branding…my marketing eyes are trained to notice good work.

At the time of this review, I’ve been drinking their morning cocktail for about 2 months and don’t see myself every going back to coffee…at least not in the near future. Here is my review of the EarlyBird Morning Cocktail based on my personal experience…and worth mentioning is that, like with any new supplement, you should talk to your doctor before trying it – especially because of the caffeine.

Good Coffee Alternative/Replacement

The first thing I can say is that I haven’t been missing coffee at all since I started drinking this. One thing I have noticed is that I get jittery if I drink coffee on top of the morning cocktail…tried it once because I was having breakfast with a friend at a diner and I didn’t like the feeling. So I don’t recommend you do both, nor with energy drinks. Then again, my tolerance for caffeine might be different than yours. But me personally, I take EarlyBird in the morning and that’s the only caffeine I have all day.

Head’s up – you can get 10% off your EarlyBird order by clicking on this link. The 10% discount will automatically be taken off at checkout.

I can honestly say that it’s become a secret weapon for me. It was easy to add this into my morning routine because I was already getting up and having a glass of water first thing. The EarlyBird Morning Cocktail is meant to be mixed into water. So, now I just add it to this first glass of water I have in the day as I prepare for my morning routine.

I’m More Focused

What impressed me the most about this drink is that it really helps me feel focused. Almost like a man on a mission. It’s not an aggressive feeling though…more like motivation to get things done. For me, it’s like I’m turning on a productivity switch and it’s been easier for me to hammer through my to-do list. I don’t feel like I have brain fog when starting off my morning. Obviously the caffeine helps…but so do the other ingredients they add to complement the caffeine.

What Ingredients Are In EarlyBird Morning Cocktail?

When I’m looking for new supplements to try, I gravitate toward ones that have specialized ingredients that have multiple health benefits. It’s why I like Total Human and AMMA Healing.

The EarlyBird Morning Cocktail has these ingredients in it:

1. Natural Caffeine – the caffeine (150mg per serving) comes from purcaf which is derived from the coffee bean extract (obtained from organic greeen coffee beans), and Infinergy, which is a type of caffeine that has a long-term effect.  

2. Electrolytes – for supercharged hydration, they put calcium, potassium, and sodium in the drink. 

3. Black Pepper – this ingredient helps the body to absorb the other nutrients. 

4. Energy Boosters – in addition to caffeine, they have added these supplements to the blend: L-Tyrosine, PurCaf, EarlyBird Antioxidant Blend (Blueberry Powder, Broccoli Extract, Green Tea Extract, Turmeric Powder, Tart Cherry Extract), and Infinergy, L-Theanine.

5. Mood Boosters – these ingredients include KSM-66 (Ashwagandha), Theobromine, and NeuroFactor.

What I like about these ingredients is that they have many health benefits, especially the NeuroFactor, which is one of the newest nootropics on the market. It helps with brain health, and I like that because the Total Human morning pack I take has supplements for brain health as well. I need to give my brain a boost as I get older, lol. By using this source of clean energy, I think this happy blend will do that.

Reasonably Priced

This product is well-priced at $68 per tub with free shipping, and each tub lasts about 45 days. And they give you discounts if you buy multiple tubs…you can get down to $44 per tub! If you compare EarlyBird Morning Cocktail to the price of premium coffee, the cost is not that far off…and if you buy coffee out every day, you’ll actually save money switching.  

The Flavor Of EarlyBird Tastes Great

Sometimes powder supplements can taste pretty awful. I’ve had some green drink powders in the past that literally sent chills down my back as I tried to gulp them down. I actually like the taste of this drink. So far, I have tried the orange mimosa, but I’ve noticed the company has been rolling out new flavors that I will try when I’m done with the 2 tubs I currently have at home. I also like that there isn’t sugar in the mix. That said, the drink is pretty sweet from the Sucralose they put in it…not sure if this is better or worse for you than sugar, but I try to avoid actual sugar in my diet as much as possible. 

Note: they now have a Tropical Sunrise flavor that is sweetened by Stevia. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will…and when I do, I’ll update this review.

EarlyBird Morning Cocktail with Stevia

Update: OK, I bought and tried the Stevia version of the EarlyBird Morning Cocktail and I like it! It’s not as sweet, but still tasty…if you like pineapples, I think you’ll like the taste. The only downside is this formula doesn’t seem to mix as well as the regular version of EarlyBird. Lately I’ve been using a lot more water beyond the shaker they give you to add to the hydration aspect…so I just need to shake it up more often which isn’t a big deal. FYI – it also costs a bit more, $78 per tub.

If you want to try this version, click this link and scroll to the footer of the website and click on the link labeled “Stevia EarlyBird”. I’m not sure why they make it so hard to find!

How To Drink The EarlyBird Morning Cocktail

It’s really easy to drink this cocktail. Personally, I make it first thing in the morning because I want it to be really cold. It comes with a really cool shaker that they recommend you fill-up the night before and keep by your bed to make it easy to just wake up and chug it down. Since I’m getting out of bed and immediately doing my morning routine, it works best for me to just make it when I wake up.

Inside the tub is a scooper…you fill up the shaker with cold water…add one scoop to the water…shake…and drink!

Where to Buy It

Head over to to purchase the morning cocktail. They offer free shipping on their products as well as bulk discounts (plus the 10% they are giving my readers). I started off with just one tub because I wanted to experiment with it. That’s what I recommend when you’re trying anything new. Just because I love it, doesn’t mean you will. Once you determine it’s for you, you can buy larger quantities and get a discount per tub.

The Only Negative With EarlyBird

Whenever I’m reviewing a product, I always want to share any negatives that come to mind. I actually do have a negative to share, but not in relation to the morning cocktail supplement. They also sell a nightcap supplement to help you get deep REM sleep. I figured, why not? I’ll have bookends – a morning cocktail to start my day and a nightcap to end my day. The only issue was the night supplement wrecked my stomach. I’ll spare you the details, but the bottom line is I couldn’t keep taking it.

After a few days of not taking nightcap, I was back to normal. Since I don’t struggle with sleep, it wasn’t worth it to me to keep taking it. It wasn’t really an option anyway.

It’s Become My Go-To Secret Weapon To Jumpstart The Day

Overall, I really like the EarlyBird morning cocktail, and it has become my secret weapon to jumpstart my day. It’s hard to explain…I just feel more focused after I take it, it’s given me an energy boost, and I’m getting more done (I guess their tagline is true). I see it as a productivity amplifier. It’s my coffee on steroids, and it’s helped me become more of a morning person.

I hope this review helps you decide whether or not you want to try the morning cocktail. If your experience is the same as mine, it could be a game-changer for your productivity, too. 

10% Off Your EarlyBird Order

If you want to try EarlyBird Morning Cocktail at a discount, click on this link and when you add the product to your cart, 10% will automatically be taken off when you checkout. Enjoy!

2023 Update of My EarlyBird Experience

So I first wrote the review above back in August of 2022. Fast forward to March of 2023 and I’m still drinking my EarlyBird Morning Cocktail every single day! I’ve been sampling some of their new flavors like Hazelnut Espresso, but my favorite by far is Tropical Sunrise…this is their Stevia formula instead of Sucralose…the pineapple taste is very refreshing in my opinion. Their flagship Blood Orange Mimosa flavor is very tasty too!

I also haven’t been using the shaker they give you. Instead, I bought a big Gatorade water bottle and I fill it up with water, ice and a scoop of EarlyBird. I’m doing this because it’s an easy way for me to drink more water. In fact, I’ll drink about half the cocktail and then fill the bottle back up with more water. So it takes me about 2 hours to fully finish the drink…this is just my own spin on it, but it’s been an awesome enhancement to my mornings!

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