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I joined a boxing club a few years ago and was regularly going to class…until the pandemic. Like many businesses, it shut down and I had to come up with an alternative. I liked it because it was different, made me uncomfortable and really challenged me. 

One thing that was challenging was getting comfortable with the mitt work in front of the class. This is basically where everyone in class circles the trainer and you do a combination of punches while everyone else watches. Push yourself out of your comfort zone…it’s terrible in the moment, but super fulfilling afterwards.

After they closed, I started shadow boxing at home, but of course it wasn’t as challenging. 

My cousin told me about Egg Weights – basically little chunks of iron that you can hold in your hand while you work out. He’s also the reason I got the WHOOP strap which has really helped me to track my strain and sleep (boxing is a great way to increase your strain). 

OK, so I was really drawn to the Egg Weights because I had been boxing for years and really missed it. As I mentioned, I was doing shadow boxing, but was looking for ways to make it more challenging. 

Egg Weights in my palm

Egg Weights Review

Egg Weights are not heavy (the ones I use are only 1 ½ pounds each). But it’s enough to tire out your arms and get you out of breath if you use them for an extended period of time. 

One of the side benefits of these weights is that they’re constructed to help build up your boxing skills

They help:

  • Make your hands quicker.
  • Improve your boxing form. 

Head’s up – you can get 10% off your Egg Weights order when you click this link and use the code MORNINGUPGRADE at checkout.

It strengthens the little muscles in your arms that don’t get stimulated when you punch without weights. It is like doing a bench press with a barbell versus a machine that guides your form. 

Gripping my Egg Weights

In my morning routine, I do 5 minutes of shadow boxing and Egg Weights have been the perfect amplifier for my process.

Rubber Case

Another thing I like about Egg Weights, besides the simplicity of it, is that the chunks of iron come in a rubber case. It has a little hook that you put your middle finger through to keep it on your hands. It helps you grip the iron without losing your grip as you start sweating.

The downside I see to the loop is that it is starting to rip and I’ve only had it for about 3 months. Granted, I’m using it every day so it is bound to wear out at some point. However, they do sell replacement rubber sleeves…so you don’t have to buy the full weight again. 

Other Exercises You Can Use Egg Weights For

I predominantly use these for shadow boxing, but there are many other ways they can be used. Some of the things I use the Egg Weights for include: 

  • Side planks – I usually start in a plank position with the Egg Weights in my hand and then move into a side plank position. It’s already challenging to raise one arm up and hold your body weight with just one arm. When you add in the 1 ½ pounds of weight, it becomes more challenging. 
  • Sit-ups – I do old-fashioned sit-ups…you know, the kind you had to do in high school when someone would put their hands on your feet. I hold the weights in my hands to do the sit-up and then I do a one-two punch at the top.
  • Running – Just like running with a weighted vest, running with the Egg Weights steps it up a bit and burns more calories. I’ve been running more to get my strain up…I don’t box when I’m running like Rocky Balboa…though that would be hilarious.
  • Peloton – I’ve been using the Egg Weights when I go for a bike ride to increase the amount of calories I burn. When I’m on the seat at a lower resistance, I’ll shadow box as I pedal.

I’ve been really surprised how by much I like these Egg Weights. They helped me reach my initial goal of making shadow boxing more challenging. What I didn’t know about was the additional advantages of using them with the other exercises I do. 

Egg Weights finger strap

Pick From Different Weights

They have different products and weight sizes to help you in your preferred exercise. While I went with the 1 ½ pound weights designed more for boxing, they go up to 5 pounds…and they have a version made just for runners. Also, they have resistance bands and weighted wraps. 

10% Off Your Egg Weights Order

Overall, I really like this product and I recommend them for challenging yourself with your normal workout routines. If you do decide to get them, you can get 10% off your order when you click this link and use the code MORNINGUPGRADE at checkout. Put your products in the cart and use the code at checkout for the discount. 

4 thoughts on “Amplify your Boxing, Running and Walking with Egg Weights”

    • Hi Jamie, yes Egg Weights are definitely geared more towards boxing, but if you can find an indoor track or workout center, they make for great walking or running companions to burn more calories!

  1. I was wondering if these were worth it, since 1.5 pounds doesn’t sound like a lot of weight. But your review nudged me towards buying them. I didn’t know these came in a variety of weights, and now that I do I’ll probably aim for a 2 pound weight. Thanks!


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