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The Miracle Morning is where it all started…my morning routine, that is. A few years ago, I hit a brick wall in my business and needed to make a change. I heard about the Miracle Morning and decided to try it out. Little did I know that my life would forever change and I’d become so passionate about morning routines that I would start Morning Upgrade. 

The Ripple Effect

I started this blog to help inspire other people to start a morning routine, because I was so impacted by what Hal Elrod taught in the Miracle Morning. Even though the blog is just getting started, people are already finding it and it’s helping them. And so goes the ripple effect of helping and inspiring others. 

If I help just one person, their lives will be changed…but it could turn into more. They could help another person and that person could help someone and so on. The potential ripple effect where people start sharing what they learn and feel inspired by just goes on. 

Taking Personal Development to The Next Level

Personal development is important to me. Investing in myself to become the person I want to be to reach the goals I have is a priority. But, it can’t stop there. Helping others is the natural progression of personal development. Thinking outside of myself and sharing what I’ve learned has become a big passion for me. 

It’s important to think outside of yourself and help other people by sharing value with them. What you share doesn’t have to be super wise or insightful, it can be as simple as talking about a daily habit you put in place. For example, I take cold showers to get myself used to doing things that are uncomfortable. Talking about this simple habit could spark another person to try it and then they share it with someone, who decides to try it. 

As you read this blog and think about your personal development journey, I want you to be aware of the people around you that you can inspire and have an impact on. When you take your personal development to the next level, it can create the same effect that has happened to me. When you take personal development seriously, you show up differently and this creates a ripple effect across those close to you and those you interact with.

Leave a Legacy For Others

Now that my girls are getting older, I’ve been focusing on creating a legacy for them. It’s part of the reason that I started Morning Upgrade. Even though they are little, I read them the blogs I write and hope one day they will return to these posts when they are older. I’m leaving a legacy for them to visit later on. 

Anytime you work on leaving a legacy, you have the potential of setting off a ripple effect. You have no idea what you may say, a picture you may post, or thing you share that could cause someone else to feel inspired. 

Think of The Possibilities Caused By a Ripple Effect

It’s really cool to think about the potential and possibilities of how talking about my daily habits could affect another person. Each click to the blog has a person on the other side that is searching for answers, and I truly hope they find what they are looking for here. 

Helping other people is a key part of living and growing beyond yourself. I feel really excited at the possibilities of what effects Morning Upgrade can have on other people. 

If you’d like to get my morning routine, I’d love to send you a copy. Just sign-up here and I’ll send you a printable PDF of my routine, plus a worksheet so you can create your own.

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