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This year I had it in my mind to really optimize my business…meaning double down on enhancements, fixes, etc. I’ve been coming at these optimizations from many angles and looking for ways to tweak what I do on a daily basis. As part of making this the year of optimization, I really want to uplevel myself too…so 2022 will be the year of optimization in every aspect of my life and business, and I hope to give you some ideas in these blog posts.

My idea is that even though last year was a good year, if I keep doing the same things year after year, then I’m only going to get so far. A plateau is inevitable.

So, I started asking myself what will I do differently this year…and what changes will I make? A few months ago, I had a friend recommend the Optimize Coach Program to me. Before I go any further, I want to mention that I am in no way affiliated with this program (not that I have anything against affiliate marketing…I have affiliates links of products I trust and use throughout Morning Upgrade…but I’m not an affiliate of Optimize).

I simply what to share my experience and the lessons learned thus far in hopes you pull out a nugget or two.

What Is

I’ve been a paying member of for a while now. It’s basically a collection of videos and recaps of personal development books. There’s a vast library around personal development and growth with the key focus on learning from the stoics. 

I have found fascinating because they really follow the “get 1% better every day” philosophy. Their library is full of lessons that can help you build the toolkit for tackling challenges in business and life.

A few months ago, they actually made their content free because they wanted to make it available to any and all people. 

What’s the Optimize Coach Program?

The Optimize Coach Program is a 300-day program that is led by Brian Johnson, a modern-day philosopher. Each week, different parts of the program are unlocked that will lead you to change your mindset and personal development skill sets. 

Just about 5-6 weeks in, I already feel that the program is helping to re-wire the way I think. A lot of the information they cover is repeated among the video lessons and philosopher notes (book recaps). This has been really helpful because it’s really cementing it in my mind. Also, I’ve been looking for ways to implement changes based on what I’m learning.

Here are my initial lessons learned from the coaching program so far. I’m sharing from my experience and point of view, but please look inward and apply to your own life and business what resonates with you.

Leaning Into the Challenges of Life

Ever ask the question, “Why me?” when things start going wrong in life or when you come up against challenges. I think we all have at some point. But this course encourages you to stop asking that question and look at the challenges you are facing as an opportunity to get stronger. To learn.

I’m really working to change my mindset about challenges in my life. To uplevel myself and my business, I am going to have to be willing to try things I don’t know how to do…to accept and approach challenges head on…and to use both scenarios as learning opportunities. 

Establishing New Habits

The program has me evaluating what daily habits I can implement that I haven’t yet made a part of my life. One thing I started doing was making my bed each morning, which is something I have never done before. This habit isn’t part of the program, but I felt that if I was the kind of person who would take a 300-day coaching program, I was probably the kind of person who would make my bed every morning. 

I’ve been making my bed every day since and I feel good about it. This is a small tweak that takes very little time, but it’s something I do to get a quick win when I first get up. Now, I look forward to getting up and making my bed. Definitely try it!

Awareness of Daily Decisions

There have been a few journaling prompts that have caused me to become more aware of the decisions I’m making every day. Right now, I’m very aware of the bad choices and habits I have in place. This is causing me to evaluate what changes I need to make. The lens I’m looking through is different now.  Have you ever put a spotlight on your own daily habits and decisions?

Renewed Passion for My Book Club

One of the things I used to do with my team members is a book club. It’s a great way to connect with them and learn their point of view on different books. I hadn’t been doing the book club for about six months…I just took a break…but this program made me get back in gear with it. 

One change I made to the book club is that I now only do personal growth books with the team. I choose short books that take 4-6 weeks to get through. The goal is to create a book club with easy-to-read books where we all pull a nugget or two of personal growth strategies and concepts.

New Blog Inspiration

Since the Optimize videos and notes are so extensive, I’m spending a lot of time each week learning from the program. It’s only natural that these concepts are initiating ideas and inspiring blog topics for me. I really think that the information I’m learning in the program is going to fuel what I talk about here and on my podcast because I’ll want to share with my audience of Morning Upgraders.

Showing Up Differently

When you make changes and tweaks in your mindset and daily habits, you have no choice but to show up differently. I believe because I’m showing up differently each day, I’m being an example to my family and friends. In the past few weeks, I’ve found two of my girls journaling (they didn’t know I saw them writing). 

My wife has been putting in a lot of work at the gym. I’m really proud of her for doing that…and I’ve seen her motivation to work on her physical goals spill over into other areas. For example…one night at dinner, she grabbed some paper and told everyone to write down their goals. 

I think my example is rubbing off on my family in one way or another. I’m not taking full credit of course…but sphere of influence is a real thing.

Doubling Down on Good Habits

I’ve been much more committed to working out and I rarely miss a day now. The same is happening with my morning routine. These are two things that are very important to me and help me move the needle with my goals. 

I’m finding myself more “all in” in other situations as well. For example, I haven’t been missing any of my mastermind meetings. It can be easy to skip them when things get busy. 

Also, I’ve been really asking myself, “Who can I help?” and “What can I share with them to be helpful?” It’s really important to take your personal development to the next level and help others. 

Overall, I think that the program is re-wiring my brain. It’s full of a lot of lessons that come from different angles, so it really drills it in. I’m very excited for the months to come because I know I’ll transform into a different person.

My commitment to you guys as I go through this program is that I’ll share my lessons and takeaways.

Key Takeaways

  • Accept that there will be challenges in life and use them as learning opportunities. 
  • Create small, daily habits that will help you move the needle on your goals. 
  • Show up differently and inspire those around you. 

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