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As I’ve grown in my personal development, it’s really become important to me to invest in other people. One of the big ways I’ve done that is by starting Morning Upgrade. I truly believe that everyone should create content in their own voice and share their experiences with other people.  

In fact, we live in a time where it’s becoming more and more common to share your expertise and build a community.

I encourage you to find ways to invest in others with your thoughts and things you’ve learned. A blog is a great way to get your message out to people that are outside of your area of influence. 

WPX Hosting Review

There are a lot of things that go into starting a blog. A key part of the technical part of a website is the hosting company you go with. WPX Hosting is the company I use to fuel Morning Upgrade. A reliable hosting company is the foundation of a successful blog – in fact, it’s critical. 

If you’ve looked around at hosting companies, you’ll find there’s a lot of options. I’ve used WPX hosting since 2015. It’s not the only company I’ve ever used, but it is the best one I’ve found. This is why I’ve stuck with them to host all of my websites, including Morning Upgrade. 

Here are the reasons that I like this hosting company:

1. Good Option For WordPress

All of my websites are built on WordPress. WPX seems to be a really strong hosting solution for WordPress sites. There are three big things you want in a hosting company and WPX checks off all boxes. 

The three things are: 

Quick Load Speed

It’s really important that your website is able to load fast. When your site slows down, you lose visitors. Hosting plays a key role in how fast your site can load. WPX Hosting does a good job of loading WordPress sites quickly. 

Reliable Uptime

My sites rarely ever go down and if they do, it’s for just a few minutes. With really big hosting companies, I’ve had a lot of trouble with my sites going down. It seems like their servers get overloaded and then there’s a trickle-down effect to the other sites on those servers. I’ve not had this issue with WPX. 

Good Support

One thing that I thought would be a negative thing with this company is that they only have a live chat and email support option. But I’ve been surprised at how fast they are to respond when I start a live chat. At most, I may wait 30 seconds. Most of the time, it’s even faster than that. 

I’ve had a great customer experience with their support. It’s important that you have a hosting company that is responsive and can quickly take care of problems. 

2. Cool Culture

This might not seem like it should matter much for a hosting company, but in my opinion it does. The culture of the company is hip and engaging and they are actively involved in funding welfare projects for homeless and shelter dogs and cats. I also get emails from them that show me that they care about my business. It’s important to me to work with companies that I know have my best interest in mind. 

3. Pricing Is Fair

I wouldn’t say that the hosting is the cheapest you can get, but it’s fair. What’s most important about a hosting company isn’t that they have the best rate, but that they check off the three main boxes above…quick load speed, reliable uptime, and good support. This becomes very clear when you deal with a hosting company that doesn’t meet these expectations – and I’ve had that experience several times with other hosts and it’s extremely frustrating.

I’m able to host 5 sites on the lowest hosting plan they offer. Since I am on a month-to-month plan, I pay $24.99 a month. 

4. Free Migration

Migration is when you have your site hosted on another server and it gets moved to a new server. WPX offers free migration when you are moving over to their hosting service. Bigger companies often charge you a fee for this. 

All you have to do is file a support ticket with the information that they ask for and they’ll migrate it for free. 

5. Free HTTPS Certificates

HTTPS is important because it encrypts the site and increases the security of data transfer. This is essential for sites that have a shop. However, Google is requiring this on all sites for the safety of users. It’s important to have HTTPS for the SEO of your site. 

With WPX Hosting, you get this certificate for free. Also, they install it for you and make it easy to activate it. Larger hosting companies don’t make it as simple and straightforward to activate the certificate on your website. It’s easy with WPX…all you have to do is click a button.

My Overall Impression of WPX

I’ve used big companies that have a million customers. You’d think that the larger companies would have better support, but I’ve had a harder time dealing with them. WPX is very customer-centered and, as a result, have high-quality customer support. 

As far as the usability of the hosting dashboard, it’s easy. The backend is clean, intuitive and simple to use. 

If you’ve never hosted a website before, learn from my experience with hosting companies. You don’t know what you don’t know and until you’ve experienced a bad hosting service, it’s hard to appreciate a company like WPX. I hope you’ll learn from my mistakes. 

wpx hosting review

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