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It is important as part of your personal development journey to invest in others because at a certain point, it has to be about more than just you.

Think impact and legacy…these are two huge topics that usually grow in importance as you get older. But no matter what age you are, why not start thinking about it now?

This blog post will try to convince you to go down that path with some ideas and strategies to think about.  

Why It’s Important to Recognize, Inspire, and Encourage Others

It may seem like a small thing, but it’s much bigger than you realize. It is important for us to invest in others. If everyone cared only about themselves, we wouldn’t grow and flourish as a society. 

If you think about the biggest game-changing companies like Tesla…this company was birthed from an idea that an entrepreneur had to improve the environment. Tesla created a car that doesn’t rely on gas and will reduce your carbon footprint. Yes, this is impact on a ginormous level, but you get my point.

People should consider the impact they have on others. It’s what can make the world a better place. And you don’t have to go huge like Tesla–start small–impact and inspire just one person.  

Inspire and Encourage Others on Your Own Level

It is important that you look at your influence on the micro-level and on the macro-level. The micro-level is your immediate family and others within your sphere of influence. The macro-level would be to have an impact on a much broader scale.

Micro-Level Impact

Are you raising well-adjusted kids who are on track to be achieving, healthy adults? 

Especially as a parent, you have the responsibility to encourage, inspire, and recognize your children. For us, we have worked hard to invest in our children’s sports. We go all in and provide them the help they need to get better so they can grow in their confidence. 

Ultimately, the goal as a parent is to raise well-adjusted children who can achieve. That requires us to find ways to encourage them, inspire them, and recognize the things they’ve accomplished. And…hopefully, our children will, in turn, invest in other people, particularly their own families. 

What about your friends? Are you giving them authentic feedback and encouraging them to do things they are capable of?

Building relationships and building community is a critical part of personal development. I’m happiest when I’ve had a week full of connecting with other people and seeing family…and my guess is, you’re the same. 

We’re tribal people, so spending time building relationships leads to greater fulfillment. That’s why I’ve decided to create a habit of reaching out to people every day. 

As part of my morning routine, I pick someone to recognize every single day. I got the idea from someone in my Mastermind group. They handwrite a note to someone each day. That didn’t seem sustainable for me, so I decided to come up with something I could do during my morning routine and be more likely to stick with. 

How I Recognize Someone Each Day

The habit I’ve created is fairly simple and only takes a couple of minutes. I choose someone in my life and reach out to them with a few words of encouragement. 

I may tell them that something they did was really helpful or important. It just depends on what they did. 

Maybe I will give them a few words of encouragement if I know they are going through a hard time. It could be as simple as telling them I believe in them, or just saying hi to let them know I’m thinking about them. 

What I say will really depend on the situation and who I’m addressing. And it only takes a minute to send an email or text…so it’s something you can start and stick with.

Who I Recognize

The person I choose to recognize can be anyone in my life. This could be a family member, friend, client, vendor, or anyone who comes to mind. 

Since I recognize someone every day as part of my routine, I can’t limit it to just the people I know really well. This practice has caused me to look beyond people I’d normally talk to. 

Macro-Level Impact

Take The Morning Upgrade for example. It’s a passion project for me because it lets me invest in other people. Sure, I have plans to turn it into a business…but with the primary goal of being able to reach more people. 

Writing the blog, book, and producing the podcast are my attempts at having a greater impact on others and encouraging them. 

The ultimate goal of this website is to introduce people to the concepts of personal development such as mindset training, health, education, and all of the things I write about. 

My belief is that the more people I reach with the site, the more people I can help. That’s why I’ve invested a lot of energy and put in the effort to create valuable content. My hopes are that people will learn and invest in their own friends and families. It creates a ripple effect that has huge potential. 

It’s important that you create your own impact with the skillsets you have. Everyone has the ability to do something to create an impact on others. 

But…what I find is that most people don’t invest in others because they don’t believe in themselves. If you doubt yourself or have imposter syndrome, you’re not going to encourage, inspire, and recognize others. 

This is why it is so important to get outside of your comfort zone. It’s honestly not natural or easy for me to run and share Morning Upgrade. I’ve dealt with a lot of doubts about whether anyone would read the blog, listen to the podcast or find value in either. But, I’m doing it anyway because I think it’s important. 

You don’t know the impact you can have on someone else or the ripple effect it can create. Your words of encouragement and belief may be the kick in the pants they need to keep going on a hard project. And who knows…this project could be the catalyst for change in the lives of other people. 

I hope that you seek ways to encourage, inspire, and recognize other people. It’s important!

Key Takeaways

  • Understand why it is important to recognize, inspire, and encourage others. 
  • Find ways to invest in those who are in your sphere of influence. 
  • Look for ways you can reach people on a broader level. 
  • Create your own impact by using your unique skillsets and experiences. 

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  1. WOW, thank you for not giving up. I needed this word from you at this very moment. I’m going into another level of my life in January. I made history in my city as the first female ever to be elected Mayor. I take office in January and need encouragement like this to stay the course. I thank God for your encouragement.


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