page title icon How to Develop a Goal Sheet to Use as Part of Your Morning Routine

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One part of my morning routine involves reviewing my goal sheet and visualizing the future I want to have and what I want to achieve. This helps me stay focused on my goals (both short and long-term) so that they become a reality. 

In this article, I want to go over how I create my goal-setting worksheet…so you can create your own and start visualizing your future. 

Come Up With Goals to Achieve

The way I set goals is that I have some that I want to accomplish in the near future and others that will take years. 

Here are a few examples of my personal goals:



  • Buy a lake house at the vacation spot I spend a lot of time with my family. 

What’s most important about goal setting and goal planning is that you get really specific (like I want my lake house to have a wrap-around porch)…and set a timeline of when you want to reach the goal. Some of my goals may take me a few months and others 7 years…15 years…30 years…etc.  

Keep a Record of Goals That Were Reached

goal sheet

Another thing I do is keep a record of the goals I’ve checked off on my goal sheets. We should always be proud of the things we’ve accomplished. It helps keep you motivated to keep pushing towards your new goals.

For example, here are a few things I moved to the accomplished list: 

  • Became a partner at Ballantine
  • Invested in the Sam Ovens consulting course
  • Bought a new house in our dream neighborhood 

Add Affirmations When Setting Goals

When I meditate, I have an affirmation I repeat for the last 3 minutes…but, I have other affirmations I repeat during my morning routine. These affirmations are specific to the goals I want to reach and the person I need to be to reach those goals. 

If you are looking for a place to get started on this, check out the list that Kendra over at Self Care Overload put together. She wrote out 20-morning affirmations that you can use while manifesting a specific goal. 

Create and Print Out The Goal-Setting Worksheet

After I decide what goals I want to put on my worksheet…and find relevant affirmations, I type them up and print the goal-setting worksheet out. I update it anytime I want to add a new goal or put one in the “achieved” section. 

Here’s a free printable goal-setting worksheet that Sophie over at Well and Wealthy put together. 

Review The Worksheet During The Morning Routine

goal sheet

At the end of my morning routine, I go over my goal sheet. It allows me to visualize the future I want and develop the right mindset to reach those goals. This is a great reminder to me when I’m deciding which goal and what I want to put my time towards every day. 

I hope this article was helpful and give you ideas of how to create your own goal-setting worksheets. For my full morning routine, sign-up here and I’ll send you a free printable with everything I do and the goal-setting worksheets to help you create your own routine. 

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