page title icon How and Why I Meditate Every Morning for 10 Minutes

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My goal with this article is to convince you to try meditating for 30 days straight because I think morning meditation is an amazing habit to develop and is needed now more than ever. It can lead to positive affirmations, more energy throughout the day, and a great way to start your day on the right foot.

Meditation — What and Why

Before I explain how and why I meditate, it’s important to talk about what meditation is exactly. There are many types of meditations and ways to do it, but boiling it down for simplicity, meditating is spending time by yourself…eyes closed…paying attention to your breath…and bringing yourself back to your breath when your mind wanders (which it will do!).

What this does for you is both physical and mental. Your mind starts to let go and just relax, reducing stress and making you feel more at peace with yourself. But physically, meditation helps your body relax. Your muscles let go, your breathing slows, and your body just sits at rest. The amount of peace and energy this can bring you can be life-changing if you’ve never experienced it before.

How can something so simple be so powerful? Great question!

I’ll answer this from my perspective, but you need to form your own opinion on this after you do it for a while.

For me, it comes down to these 3 things:

  1. There’s something fulfilling and calming about spending time with yourself…no TV…no phone…no distractions. I’ve found morning meditation is the best time to spend on just me.
  2. My mind has gotten stronger and more focused because of meditation. Your mind will wander, but you’ll see that it wanders less the more you practice meditations.
  3. I often find that if there is anything that is bothering me or is unresolved, personally or professionally, a solution or idea pops into my head when I’m meditating. Is it because we’re more creative when our mind is able to relax?

How to Meditate

I’d now like to talk about how I enjoy meditations. I’m going to answer this from how I practice meditations, but it doesn’t mean this is the best way for you. You have to experiment to see what type of meditation is best for you.

As far as meditation apps go, there are plenty available — I prefer Insight Timer. It’s free for how I use it, but they have upgrade options and courses if you want to dive deeper into a guided meditation. I would recommend for a beginner to starts your dar with guided meditation. Allow an experienced voice to help give you positive affirmations, and help you find peace in your life before the day has even begun.

I really try for morning meditation sessions, but that doesn’t always work. I’ve created my own 10 minute routine inside Insight Timer that combines 7 minutes of focusing on my breath and bringing my mind back when it wanders…and for the last 3 minutes, I continue to breathe, but add in the repetition of this affirmation:

“I expand in abundance, success, and love every day as I inspire those around me to do the same.”

I learned of this affirmation in The Big Leap which is a book I recommend reading.

And just to put it out there, I feel super vulnerable sharing this, but I’m trying to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

So I use the first 7 minutes to calm my mind and the last 3 minutes to train my mind. Sometimes I’ll do 15–20 minutes of meditation too. For me, 10 minutes seems to be the sweet spot, but occasionally longer sessions are nice to mix things up.

Thanks for Reading!

I feel strongly about meditation. And I am a huge advocate for morning meditation. We exercise our bodies…we need to exercise our minds too. Our minds are so busy…so distracted…we need a tool to calm it down. I only see this need increasing as technology becomes more prevalent. Honestly, what’s the downside? There isn’t one. You only have things to gain by implementing meditation into your daily routine.

I would now say put your phone down and start meditating…but you need the app. So…put it on Do Not Disturb and start meditating 🙂

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