page title icon Why I Joined a Mastermind and 10 Reasons Why You Should Too

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Over the last 2 years, I’ve belonged to the Iron Sharpens Iron mastermind. I think mastermind groups are super important for both business and personal development…so much so that I decided to write this article to share my thoughts with you in hopes you’ll consider finding and joining a mastermind that’s right for you.

First off, what is a mastermind group though?

It’s a community of people that join together to regularly share, learn, help, grow and improve. To paint a better picture, the mastermind group I belong to includes weekly video chats, books that we read together, an in-person get-together twice per year, monthly webinars, and a private Facebook group.

OK, here are my 10 reasons why you should consider joining a mastermind group:

1. Community

We’re all tribal and it’s nice to belong to a community of like-minded people…especially now with the pandemic we are all experiencing.

2. Give Help

A mastermind group gives you the opportunity to help people which is very fulfilling. You’re giving advice and tips to other members to help them and it’s super rewarding…and when you teach and give advice, it further solidifies your knowledge on the subject.

3. Get Help

When you’re a member of a mastermind group, you’re giving advice to help out fellow members, but you’re also getting advice on whatever questions or issues are on your mind. For my mastermind group, these topics span personal to professional.

4. Build Relationships

Building relationships is one of the top things you can do to advance your career and personal fulfillment success. It’s impossible not to build more relationships, and deeper relationships, when you join a mastermind group because that’s the whole point.

5. You’re Not Alone

As you’re going through life, it’s nice to have a community so you’re not alone. For example — going through something in business that’s stumping you? Ask your mastermind group members for advice! When you’re part of a mastermind, you have a community to bounce ideas off of. There’s a good chance a member or two has gone through the same exact thing and can help shortcut your path to resolution. You now have networking access when you join a mastermind group, for all kinds of knowledge and information.

6. Board of Directors

They say 2 heads are better than 1. I look at my mastermind crew as my board of directors that help me make hard decisions in life and in business. I would do the same for them and their success. We are there for one another.

7. Comfort Zone

You grow when you push yourself out of your comfort zone. Being a part of mastermind groups involves you speaking up…being vulnerable…using your expertise and experience to help other people…and building relationships. All of this will make you uncomfortable and force you to grow as a person. That’s the point of networking with a mastermind. You are all vulnerable, yet building each other up, and aiding in the success of one another.

8. Stories and Situations

Every week I meet with my mastermind, hearing about everyone’s success and struggles. This constant exposure to different stories and situations creates new experiences for me that I can apply in my own life and those around me.

9. Personal Development

I’m a huge believer in personal development. If we’re going to be alive, we might as well try to continually improve ourselves. At its core, this is what mastermind groups are all about. When you invest in mastermind groups, you’re investing in yourself…this is the best investment you can make.

10. Show Up Differently

When you participate in mastermind groups, over time it changes you. This assumes you actively participate. What this does is it starts making you show up differently at work and at home. You’re not the same person…you’re version 2.0.

OK, those are my 10 reasons why I believe everyone should consider a mastermind group. My goal here was to answer your question of, “What is a mastermind group?” and show you the benefits of a mastermind. I hope I’ve at least opened your eyes to what’s possible…and I hope I’ve planted the seed that will push you to start looking for the right group for your needs. If you end up joining a mastermind and have any questions, I’d love to come together and give you advice and support.

Thank you for reading!

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