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My goal with Morning Upgrade is to inspire others to start a morning routine and focus on their personal development. This is really important to me and something that I work on every day. Whether it is related to my learning, health, or mindset, I’m always looking for ways to improve myself. 

I want to share with you a round-up of 15 personal development blogs you might not know about. You can find a lot of inspiration from reading and learning from others, as well as improve your personal growth. 

1. Positivity Blog

Henrik writes on the Positivity Blog about confidence, building awareness, self-help tips, and getting out of your comfort zone. He gives tips on how to stay positive, practice mindfulness, and stay motivated.  

2. FlippingHeck

Katy, over at FlippingHeck has been blogging for over 10 years and writes about a variety of self-improvement topics. You can go to her site and read about many things such as better sleep habits, the importance of relaxing, and productivity tips.  

3. Life After College

Jenny over at Life After College writes to 20 somethings to wake up and not sleepwalk their way through life. She encourages them to develop their self-expression, confidence, and self-development to accomplish their dreams. 

4. Life Learning Today

Check out AgentSully over at Life Learning Today where she wants to prompt people to think about their lives in a new way. Her goal is to give others ideas on how to improve their everyday life through personal development. 

5. Art of Manliness

Brett blogs at Art of Manliness on a variety of topics related to life skills, entrepreneurship, relationships, and more. He talks about ways you can focus on what really matters in life and become a man.

6. Start of Happiness

Brendan shares at Start of Happiness about building your life around the things you are passionate about. Every day that you wake up until you lay your head down, you get to create the life you want. He shares tips on how to develop a life of happiness and personal success.

7. Money Saving Mom

Crystal gives practical advice at the Money Saving Mom about finance tips for the everyday household. She is also a huge advocate of morning routines, productivity, and goal setting. She’s passionate about inspiring others to find routines and make life choices that are right for them. 

8. Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina blogs about growing deliberately through experiences. He talks about patterns that slow us down and shares tips on how to become more intelligent. He is always researching and exploring so he can share with his readers ways to encourage self-growth.

9. Many Facets of Life

Denise started Many Facets of Life in her semi-retirement. Once a realtor, she picked up blogging in 2019 to help others that have had similar experiences to her. In her posts, she discusses self-care, self-help, addictions, relationships, and daily inspiration. 

10. Danie Botha

Danie Botha is passionate about helping people to transform and heal themselves through telling their stories. He’s a storyteller himself that writes about his transformation. Also, he’s an artist, fitness enthusiast, and physician, which all helps him give his readers the information they need to find happiness in their life.

11. The Happily Productive

Karina blogs at The Happily Productive about goal setting and developing a positive mindset. She talks about how little things can help you stay focused, improve relationships, improve business, build self-esteem, and more. 

12. Today is That Day

Arron blogs over at Today is That Day about fitness, success, happiness, building wealth, and spirituality. He discusses a variety of topics such as meditation, yoga, making money, and more.

13. Simona Rich

Simona Rich talks about how her life of childhood abuse caused her to grow in self-awareness and intelligence. She dove into meditation to help control herself, instead of allowing her emotions to control her. She shares many tips with her audience about meditation and yoga practices that helped her with self-improvement. 

14. Did I Get Things Done

Andrew Mason blogs over at Did I Get Things Done about productivity tips to get more done. You can check out his weekly round-ups where he shares links to posts that have motivated him during the week. 

15. Happier Human

Steve blogs at Happier Human about mindfulness, gratitude, goal setting, anxiety, and more. He shares a lot of information that is backed by studies and research. He has the ability to explain human behavior and psychology in easy-to-understand articles. 

I hope that you check out these bloggers and find some great inspiration for your personal development. 

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