page title icon 8 Personal Development Podcasts That Will Help You Develop a Growth Mindset

Every day, I spend time listening to podcasts that will help me with my personal development and business. I like to listen to podcasts when I go for a walk, drive to work, or do mindless tasks. It’s important to me to always find ways to invest in myself and these podcasts have really helped me grow. I hope you will take time to check them out. 

 1. 7 Good Minutes 

Clyde Lee Dennis, the host of the podcast 7 Good Minutes, can give you some encouragement and motivation to achieve your goals. You learn how negative thoughts don’t help you to push through to succeed in your goals, but it takes positive thinking. To stay on track to reaching success, you need to stay calm and push through the best that you can. 

2. Ed Mylett Show

If you are looking for a podcast that is uplifting and encouraging you should listen to the Ed Mylett Show. He will motivate you to create strong habits, shifting your identity, and build self-confidence. Goals can be hard to set and follow through with to achieve, listen to Ed’s podcast, and figure out how to develop a goal-setting mindset.

3. Business School

Sharran Srivatsaa is the voice of the podcast, Business School. If you are in the corporate world and working to build a business, this is a great podcast. In order to survive in the ever-changing business world, you must know how to tackle it. 

4. Darren Daily

The Darren Daily podcast is an encouraging and motivating segment to listen to. In life, you have to set goals for yourself. If you don’t have a motive to keep you striving for more and something to achieve, you won’t have that motivation. Listening to this podcast will help enlighten you on how to become a high achiever. 

5. On Purpose

On Purpose is a podcast hosted by Jay Shetty. To achieve what you want in life you have to face it head-on. In this podcast, you will learn all about how you can overcome your fears. Be who you are and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. 

6. Start From Zero

Starting From Zero will address all the questions that you may have about beginning your blogging journey. No matter who you are or how long you have been doing it, everyone had a beginning. This podcast will help you learn how to achieve your goals and what you need to do to keep climbing. 

7. The Morning Upgrade Podcast

I started The Morning Upgrade podcast to invite entrepreneurs on that have a growth mindset. We have casual conversations about their morning routines, business struggles, and perfect day. You will get a lot of great ideas for your morning routine as well as other tips for life. 

8. Impact Theory

This podcast is going to help you to face the stress and anxiety that you have in your life. There are so many things that can bring you down in this world. Impact Theory can help you to build up courage and portray the right mindset for our lives. 

I hope you enjoy this round-up of personal development podcasts and use them during your morning routine or anytime during the day that you spend investing in yourself. If you’d like to get my full morning routine, sign-up for my newsletter here.

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