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I want to share my experience and opinions on why life and business are better with personal development. I’m on a mission to share strategies with as many people as possible because I truly believe in a life of personal growth. It’s a journey that never ends!

My own journey started with an “idea” seed that was planted in my head. It was the concept of getting 1% better every day. This really resonated with me and lead me down the path of exploring books on personal development and listening to podcasts. 

Because of my experiences, I’m on a mission to share personal development and morning routines with entrepreneurs and people that have (or want!) a growth mindset. My goal is to raise awareness for those that aren’t aware of these areas of personal development because “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

Here are the reasons I think life and business are better with personal development. 

1. Leads to a More Fulfilling Life

I feel like life and business are better with personal development because ultimately, it leads to a fulfilling life. 

To me, a fulfilling life is one where you are productive and achieve things. You set goals and then try and meet them. And, then you get to a point where you are able to help other people reach their goals. 

That’s not to say that a fulfilling life is one where fun isn’t important, but it’s not the only goal in life. It’s more about sprinkling in fun to the meaningful things you achieve each day. 

2. Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Personal development is all about helping you to reach your goals…health goals, personal, relationship, business, you name it. When you invest in personal development you are directly developing yourself. You’re developing your personal side and all the areas of your life and business. 

When you start to dive deep into personal development and everything that is comprised of, you can change who you are. Changing who you are, allows you to show up differently and make better choices.  

3. Develops a Growth Mindset

It’s really important for you to have a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. A growth mindset is one where you see abundance all around you. Personal development helps you to develop a growth mindset. When you become aware of all that is possible, it makes everything in your life and business so much better. 

People that are into personal development have a growth mindset and believe they can grow. They don’t limit themselves with their mindset. 

4. Prepares You For Challenges

Both life and business are full of challenges and bring a lot of stress. I look at personal development as a way to train yourself to handle those challenges. It allows you to work on your mindset and improve the way you deal with things. 

In my experience, I have found that investing in myself has equipped me to deal with the challenges of business and family life. I’ve been able to put strategies in place that have helped me to be better suited to handle those situations. 

5. Pushes You To Invest In Others

One of the benefits of personal development is that if you do it long enough you start showing up differently. It’s impossible to not talk about your experiences and inspire other people around you. Contributing to other people’s lives is the natural progression of personal development. 

6. Creates A Ripple Effect

I think about the ripple effect of the Morning Upgrade, the podcast, and eventually the book I’m writing. All of this content is in line with my mission to pour into other people. It’s creating a lasting ripple effect in others – at least that’s my hope and goal! 

In my opinion, it’s important that everyone get to a place where they are creating their own content and sharing their knowledge to inspire others. It doesn’t have to be to the level of running a blog, but to some degree, you should work to introduce personal development to others. 

My suggestion is to start with your family. Eventually, your kids will go on to have their own families and they will invest in them. Think about it, you can affect your family tree with your investment.

7. Makes You A Better Leader 

It’s hard to be a good leader if you’re not working on yourself. Just like others can’t love you if you don’t love yourself first…you can’t be a good leader if you’re not leading yourself. 

Did you know that the most successful entrepreneurs have morning routines, invest in their health, or other areas of personal development? I think the reason this is such a common thing among successful people is that their personal investment helps them show up differently. It makes them better, stronger leaders that are capable of dealing with stress. 

8. Helps You Develop A Stronger Team

If you’re working on yourself enough it can’t help but creep into the business. You want your team to have a fulfilling life just like you do. But to get there, you have to be intentional and put in concentrated effort. 

Generally, companies with a growth mindset develop stronger teams and grow into stronger companies. It all starts with you developing strategies for yourself and then there’s a trickle-down effect on the way you lead your team. 

We’re all here for a reason and if you don’t actively seek out what that answer is, you’ll never find it. This is my opinion, but I think the meaning of life is finding out what your purpose is…what your gifts are…and then putting them into practice and sharing with others. For me, this has meant investing in personal development and morning routines to help me down this path…and ultimately to help me on this journey I’m on. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Personal development is important to life and business. 
  • When you train your mind, you are more prepared to handle stressful situations. 
  • Investing in yourself long enough helps you show up differently. 
  • To be a better leader, you have to lead yourself. 
  • You can create a ripple effect by pouring into those around you. 

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