What I Learned By Doing a Road Trip in The USA

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  1. Ryan this was great and I am so happy that you Jill and the girls got to experience such a great adventure. We did the cross country also during the pandemic and loved seeing the beautiful USA. We loved it so much we leave again across the country to San Diego in November. Love you 🥰and thanks for sharing

  2. Dear Ryan and Family:

    First, congratulations for being so adventurous in a time when almost everyone is not. I give you all tons of credit. The trip sounds really great and as you said, memories will last forever. You proved that this type of trip is doable, more than doable. It may well spark a lot of people to rethink their travel plans. We wish you and your family all the best now and for years to come. Great story!!!
    Certainly inspires your children to be more adventurous.
    Again, fantastic story and trip.

  3. Amazing Ryan! Great example of seizing these younger years with the kids. They are fleeting and we will “never get them back.”

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