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The Morning Upgrade Podcast Featuring Greg Lewis

Welcome to episode #3 of The Morning Upgrade Podcast. This week, I’m speaking to Greg Lewis, the owner of the Tennessee Center for Family Business. We talk about our common interest in family-run businesses. Greg talks about his hobbies, passion to help other businesses, and how loves to get up early to enjoy time in …

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The Morning Upgrade Podcast Featuring Adam Lean

Welcome to the Morning Upgrade Podcast. Thank you for joining me for episode 2 where I talk to Adam Lean, the owner of The CFO Project. We talk about focusing on things that matter every day to move the needle on reaching goals. He shares about how you should organize your day to get more …

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The Morning Upgrade Podcast Featuring Keelie Reason

Welcome to the first episode of the Morning Upgrade Podcast with me, your host, Ryan Cote. This week, I’m talking to Keelie Reason, the owner of R5 Website Management. We talked about the way I view morning routines and how she realized she does have a morning routine that she’s developed.  Top Talking Points In …

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