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Start By Upgrading Your Morning Routine

Learn how to stick to a morning routine & take control of your day, your goals, & your life. Buy our 100-pack of Morning Upgrade cards & you can change your life, one morning at a time.

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Introducing the
Morning Upgrade Cards

We’ve All Been There.

You go to bed with a head full of ideas of how you’re going to hit the gym, eat much better, work harder, get up earlier. Tomorrow is your day – until it isn’t.

You decide to hit snooze on that first alarm, and then accidentally sleep through the second (and third). Now you’re late for work so you ditch the gym and dig into some takeout because you didn’t have time for breakfast. You end up crashing at around mid-afternoon, so you have to work late before you crash back into bed. 

Maybe you’ll try again tomorrow. But what will it take to finally become the master of your morning – every morning? How can you take the right steps and make the right choices to guarantee a great day ahead – every day?

Stop Waiting for Tomorrow

Take the First Step in Changing Your Life TODAY!

Studies have shown that if you spend time every single morning of the year grabbing a pen and setting your intent, taking a minute to practice some gratitude, or even simply spending a quiet moment before your day starts, you can improve your happiness and overall well being. But how can you find the inspiration to get out of bed and set your intent?

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Finally, a Morning Routine You Can Stick With

20 Minutes A Day. Guidance Every Step of the Way.

Learning how to wake up early isn’t the only trick – it’s also about learning how to use the time you have once you’re awake. Skip checking email or social media and grab a Morning Upgrade card instead, a small 20 minute morning ritual for a lifetime of benefits. These are more than just cards – they are the secret key you’ve been searching for to unlock the benefits of a morning routine you’ve been trying to build for so, so long.

There’s also something soothing about putting pen to paper, isn’t there? It creates an experience you’ll feel and that you’ll start to look forward to every morning. 

Each card lays out your routine step by step so you can exhale and enjoy every morning like: 

  • Guided questions and tasks that will help you start your day in the best way 
  • Prompts to outline the day’s priorities, what you’re grateful for, yesterday’s win, and what’s on your mind
  • Mindset, productivity, fitness, and relationship reflection
  • Bonuses: all customers get a physical copy of our book for free as well as our premium email newsletter.

Become a Morning Upgrader

You can learn how to stick to a morning routine for only $30 (for a 3 month supply of cards).
And if you subscribe to receive a new pack of 100 cards every 3 months, you’ll automatically get a 10% discount!

All Customers Get:

100 Cards

Enough to last you 3 months with some leftover in case you need more or want to share with a family or friend. Each card is 4”x6”, full color on both sides, and printed on thick cardstock paper for durability.

90-day Guarantee

Try the cards out for a full three months, risk-free!

Morning Upgrade Cards for a morning routine

Free Shipping

Whether you’re buying one pack to try out, or a subscription, enjoy free shipping on all orders (USA only).


You’ll get a physical paperback copy of our book for free as well as our premium email newsletter every week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Morning Upgrade Cards a physical product or app?

They are physical cards. We purposely made this a journal type physical product instead of an app because the pen to paper experience is calming and helps you focus. 

Why do I need a morning routine?

We believe starting a morning routine is the #1 personal growth habit you can build. Starting every single day by investing in yourself both helps you grow as a person and has a positive ripple effect across all areas of your life. 

I see that after I order the Morning Upgrade Cards, I also get a free premium newsletter – what is that?

Yes, all Morning Upgraders get subscribed to our premium email newsletter to further aid you in your personal growth journey! Every week, we send you links to 5 personal development resources you might not know about such as blogs, podcasts, books or videos. 

How do I use the Morning Upgrade Cards?

Every morning, pour yourself a glass of water, grab a Morning Upgrade Card, find a quiet place to sit down and then – pen to paper – start answering the questions and following the prompts. You’ll need about 20 minutes to finish. Yes, you can probably complete the whole routine in only 15 minutes if you rush, but why rush? Enjoy the experience of starting every single day by investing in yourself. And we also recommend that every 30 days, you review your cards from the previous month. It’s a good reminder as to what was on your mind, what you were working on, what you were grateful for and more. 

How many Morning Upgrade Cards do I get with my order?

You get 100 cards which is a 3 month supply with some cards left over in case you need more…or if you want to share a card or two with friends and family. 

After I place my order, when will I receive my Morning Upgrade Cards?

We offer all customers free shipping (USA only) and most orders are delivered in 2-5 days. There are some parts of the United States, however, that can take a little longer to be delivered to. P.O. Box addresses usually take longer than 5 days as well. 

Why are the exercise and meditation parts of the morning routine only 5 minutes each?

Our goal with the Morning Upgrade Cards was to create a morning routine that checked off all the important boxes based on our years of experience with personal development…and we didn’t want it to take more than 20 minutes. The way our cards work is 10 minutes is allocated for answering questions and the other 10 minutes is for exercise and meditation. While 5 minutes of exercise might not seem like a lot, if you do continuous movement for 5 minutes straight, such as burpees, it’s very challenging. And with meditation, there are some great 5 minute guided meditations on InsightTimer that prime and calm your mindset. Also keep in mind the powerful compound effect that happens doing the 10 minutes of exercise and meditation every morning over months and years! You can also do additional exercise and meditation throughout the day…but the important thing is starting every morning with your 20 minute Morning Upgrade routine…you do that and you’ve already won the day!

The Early Bird Gets The Worm!

Don’t Wait for Tomorrow. 

Upgrade Your Morning Today!

P.S. If you are a business looking to buy Morning Upgrade Cards
for your employees, please contact us to discuss bulk pricing.

Ryan Cote of Morning Upgrade

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